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Avocados Just Got More Expensive

According to distributors of Hass avocado installed in the Supply Centre, the price of a kilogram of Hass avocados, which so far ranges between 35 and 40 pesos, could increase up to 50 pesos in the coming days. This increase in prices, they said, would be the result of the product’s usual decrease in production throughout the months of May, June and July. The increase in prices, they stated, has led to a 30% drop in sales.

Alfredo Sánchez Moreno, owner of a business in the Supply Centre, said they brought the product from Periban Michoacan, and that this season’s droughts had increased the product’s price.

“The people who grow the product have had to use more water for irrigation, more fumigation so that the product is kept in good condition and other inputs that are essential so that its quality is excellent,” he said.

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He added that the shortage was a seasonal period that lasted about three months and that it had just begun; that prices had would continue to rise and that they would only start to drop in August.

He stressed that the traders would be affected by the increase in prices, as they would have to make a stronger investment if they wanted to continue offering the product to the public.

He also said that the most affected businesses were those that used avocado to prepare dishes because they were forced to continue consuming the product regardless of the cost.