Filming of Bachelor in Paradise stops in Puerto Vallarta over alleged sexual misconduct

The reality show The Bachelor in Paradise, a spin-off of The Bachelor, very popular in the United States, was interrupted during filming as it began its fourth season in Mexico.

The Bachelor in Paradise brings together former participants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They all live together in a large villa and “explore new relationships” in a “remote paradise”, according to the description of the ABC channel that broadcasts the show.

The production reported allegations of sexual misconduct and announced that a “thorough investigation” had been opened. It’s reported that a producer of the television show attended the late-night meeting of two candidates of the show in the pool. Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were drunk.

According to TMZ, the two found themselves at the bar and started drinking. DeMario says that Corinne fell on her knees and began to rub on him. According to the version of DeMario, Corinne suggested that they go in the pool. The cameras were rolling. They took off their clothes and started caressing. DeMario says that Corinne began grabbing him, he reports the he had told her he had too much to drink and he would not have sex with her, but their stories differ. The two candidates were summoned the following day where the producers of the show were “uncomfortable” with what they saw.

“It’s an incredibly complicated situation,” admitted a source close to the show. “The broadcast highlights the paramount importance of consent and it would seem that an act was taken without proper consent being given.” There are currently “still many unanswered questions”.

The production of the show and the authorities will interview all the candidates to shed light on the incident. “Everyone wants to make sure that the parties concerned are doing well, both mentally and physically,” producers said in a statement.

The candidates were sent home from Puerto Vallarta and production stopped.

Photo: Corinne Olympios © Public photo Facebook.

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