Burning Banks and Gas Stations In Puerto Vallarta

Hours after cars were set on fire in the capital city of Guadalajara, five gas stations were burned in Puerto Vallarta, along with vandalism of several area banks throughout the city.

The activities are suspected to be connected with recent activities in the state by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in retaliation for arrests and killings of their organized crime members.

The city of Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara are currently under a red alert and maximum security. At this time gas stations have been closed for service in Puerto Vallarta.

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel  is one of the most recent and fastest-growing drug-trafficking criminal groups in Mexico. They are currently fighting the Knights Templar Cartel and Los Zetas for control of the cities of Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta in the state of  Jalisco and the states of Michoacan and Veracruz. The CJNG also operates in the states of Nayarit, Colima, and Guanajuato. While this cartel is best known for its fights against the Zetas, it has also been battling La Resistencia for control of Jalisco and its surrounding territories.

Most recently the group made headlines with an attack on Single Force personnel returning to Guadalajara after security detail during Semana Santa in Puerto Vallarta.

Jalisco New Generation Cartel expanded its operation network from coast to coast in only six months, making it one of the criminals groups with the greatest operating capacity in Mexico.

Recently the federal government announced ‘Operation Jalisco’, an plan to increase security in the state, however details of the security plans have not been announced.

This is still a developing story and under investigation by authorities so details are limited at this time. As more information is made available we will update this story.

As one reader has suggested, protests and burning of buildings and cars is not uncommon worldwide on Labor Day, being celebrated today. However it’s important to note none of these actions have been accompanied by any protesters and no one or group has taken responsibility.

Governor makes official statement, read story here.

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  1. JOE

    I’m a retired rcmp officers and I’ve been going to P.V. and Guadalajara spending 6 months a year for the past 10 years. I feel more secure in these 2 cities at night than Montreal, Toronto Vancouver.

  2. Cjs

    “Burning buildings and cars is not uncommon worldwide on labor day?” Really? l love coming to PV but please do not brush off this incident as normal and accepted or you will lose tourist. Prayers to PV.

  3. Dave Cohoe

    Guadalajara Guadalajara is safer than Vancouver Surrey is, was, and ever will be
    22 shooting in Surrey BC and Delta in 20 days I live in Guad. and I never fear for my life like back in to Vancouver BC I have taking the train legero ligna uno at 1 :AM I will never take any tramsport in Vancouver toronto or Montreal after 6:PM

    1. Natnasci

      “Guadalajara has a population of 4.4 million and is the capital of Jalisco state, the fourth worst state in Mexico in terms of homicides. With 1,485 deaths in 2013, or 19 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, Jalisco is surpassed only by Mexico State, Guerrero, and Chihuahua.”

      In other words, if Surrey were to have 2 murders per day for a year, they still would have less murders than Guadalajara.

      1. Dave Cohoe

        Where did you get those number?
        You are talking about the state of Jalisco and not Guadalajara
        So you are comparing the state of Jalisco whit Surrey.
        You must smoke a lot of BC bud BABY
        Tell that to the Canadians living in Guadalajara
        Most of them left canada for GOOD becouse of Crime

    1. Of course you can leave the city. Don’t get caught up in rumors, there is a lot. There was a time where traffic was stopped in GDL but that since has ended. If you are driving, I would give yourself a little extra time because I think there will be extra police and military checkpoints over the next few days.

  4. FYI Please share. Puerto Vallarta daily news is censoring local residents from sharing their stories in this forum. Please boycott this page and find other sources for the truth of what is happening in Puerto Vallarta.

  5. Corbett Edwards

    My family is supposed to travel to Guadalajara and PV this week… Looks like we will have to cancel our trip. Is anyone there? Would we even be able to get out of Guadalajara?

    1. I am currently spending the weekend in GDL and I would honestly say, don’t change your plans. The city has been very calm, the crisis managed well, and there are vendors outside my window right now selling their street food. The city has functioned pretty normally today. They do have more checkpoints between GDL and PV right now, that isn’t a bad thing. It’s a holiday in Mexico (Labor day) and these events were planned as a message to the government. I would not suspect any further issues, I don’t see this being an ongoing issue. Keep your plans and keep informed. If more issues arise we will report on them and my opinion might change, but my 20 years here tells me this was a single day event with very specific cause.

    2. Mike Daniol

      I would change your plans. Its totally unsafe anyone saying its not is a idiot. My friend just returned from Pv Mexico and was robed by the police. And had a gold chain ripped from his neck just walking down the street. If you value your life DON’T go. People that live there will always say its safe and try comparing it to crimes in USA and Canada. Google it statistics don’t lie. Canada murder rate 1.2 USA murder rate 4.2 Mexico murder rate 9.6 this is per one hundred thousand people. Pv will become the same as Acapulco. And this is NOT a single one day event. Same state 2 weeks ago 15 police killed by same gang. Do some research its out there just hard to find because they like to hide the bad stuff that happens.

      1. amusedwithabsurdity

        ok doomsday sayer. I think you should compare your “research” on MX to tourist destinations in the US, like New Orleans or Las Vegas, before you call people idiots cause they are familiar enough with the place not to to be deterred by fear mongering.

        1. Mike Daniol

          Ya ya ya must own property in Mexico Fear mongering what a looser. Do your research statistics don’t lie. Corruption term wars dishonest police government being paid off by drug cartels. You are a idiot R.I.P in Mexico

          1. amusedwithabsurdity

            you are incapable of objectively measuring risk factors of other countries. You are also juvenile with your insults. Mexico won’t miss you, but stop spreading your ignorant paranoia.

      2. Ian Hayden Parker

        That is not fair. There is no secret that Mexico has a cartel and violence problem at the border that inflates it’s crime numbers, but we are talking about a single city and you are trying to place all the crime in Mexico on one city. Also, when the cartel numbers are removed from the statistics Mexico is one of the safest countries. The cartel has guns because the US Government gave them to the cartels to prolong instability at the boarder because it makes for political hot topics about why the US needs a border wall.

        You also say that you know so many friends that have been robbed here by police, but you mention yourself that you were vacationing here but nothing happened to you, your biggest complaint is that there were too many police in the city. So these phantom friends, did they file any complaints with the police or even consultant offices, or hotel desk clerk? Where are they?

        Where were you yesterday during these events? You must have been right here in PV to make you an expert on what is happening, surely you did not spend a few days here and now claim to be the expert of the area.. If you believe that people like me, here for a decade, are here being robbed and threatened and feel unsafe but stay anyway, then you have some mental issues. We stay because we do feel safe here, even after yesterday.

        1. Mike Daniol

          Just for the record. I was NOT there yesterday your right. But watch the news Jalisco is NOT a border state and it is a state that the cartels are fighting over. I will resend or delete me statement above. I agree with you that it may be safe today and I can’t predict the future. but it is a drug war over a state. I will hope for the best in Pv. And sit back and see what unfolds in the next few months.

    3. Carol Marchant

      I drove from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta April 24th. I am driving the return route on May 8th. The things that are happening in PV did not hamper us from being in PV all day yesterday doing the tourist stuff. I would not change my plans. I am not changing mine.

  6. Geez I’ve told all my friends in the U.S. that it is safe in PV. I’ll be there in 2 weeks with my daughter. I have hopes of living there part time. But that won’t go over well with this news.

    1. Please first, compare crime In PV with murders shootings and riots in US cities all over the country. I have been here almost 8 years and find PV safe day and night. I am much safer here than in the last five years in the United States where I was mugged twice and Robbed once.

      1. Mike Daniol

        NO compasaron what soever that is so dumb. Do your research.

        Look at other city in Mexico were drug gangs have taken over. some city 80,000 people look at Acapulco fool Pv will be like Acapulco but quicker. in just outside the capital 15 police ambushed and killed by drug cartel I know 4 people that have been robed in Pv BY POLICE how sick is that. Oh ya keep trying to convince people its safe. I was there for easter there was so many military there it was scary. I almost forgot they were there cause it was SAFE lol. What a JOKE We will see who is right wait a month and see if its a isolated case NOT it will be big headline there already saying by there own Police the cartels are fighting over that state

        1. amusedwithabsurdity

          so you are saying Baltimore police aren’t corrupt? The 15 Mexican law officials who died in that attack were killed about 4 hours from Puerto Vallarta. By your rationale, do think it would be completely out of the question to visit Washington DC right now? since it’s only an hour from Baltimore?
          PV is not turning into Acapulco. Acapulco’s infrastructure and hotels have been largely in disrepair for at least a decade. That is why non national tourists stopped going there. There it is an entirely different situation than PV, and has been so many years.

          1. Mike Daniol

            First of all I don’t live in the USA and don’t travel there because its unsafe as well. But there not in a drug war. Pv is. DO SOME RESEARCH They want to take over the state thats what this is about. The cartel wants the state of Jalisco. Last time I was in PV at easter it was in Jalisco. Yes the capital is 4 hours away but once they take over its wide spread through to the state. Time will tell lest look in the next 30 day and see, Your own government is saying they want to take over the state of Jalisco. Unless what your going to change the state PV is in. This is a DRUG WAR and small town PV will not be exempt from it. If you think beautiful little PV will be exempt. You my friend are indeed in big trouble.

          2. amusedwithabsurdity

            please stop telling people who understand the area and their politics way more than you to “do some research.”

          3. amusedwithabsurdity

            MX has officially been in a drug war for nearly 10 years. Vallarta has had a couple minor flare ups, but overall, is still recognized as a safe place for tourists. I’ve travelled to many places through out MX and mostly found it to be very safe, aside from a couple select towns/cities. If you won’t travel to the US because it’s unsafe, I guess I can understand you are opposed to any risk taking. That is your choice, though you could be missing out on some great destinations in both MX and the US. I don’t think it’s right to assume someone is “an idiot” cause they don’t share the same overly concerned values as you.

          4. Peter

            Mike…. stay in your padded room. The rest of us will continue to live life, with all it’s risks.

          5. Mike Daniol

            Another person that has bought property in Pv that needs to sell but until he sells make it look better than it is. You are in what is called denial (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT) Oh and better sell quick because I’m sure things are getting way out of control in Pv. Lets see how thing play out over the summer there lol
            Going by everyone that lives there nothing bad ever happens in Pv Mexico (LIE) I have been going there for 15 years its bad the world knows its bad. When it gets out of control; like the rest of Mexico you guys will have no one to blame but your self for being in denial so long. Good luck with that as well. Hope you find a looser to buy your place before the cartels take over that state. I would say you have a couple month at best.

          6. Peter

            If it is such a crime haven, why have you been going for 15 years? I have lived, vacationed, and owned a business there in recent years, and never once have I felt unsafe… unless you are going there for some questionable late-night activities?

          7. Mike Daniol

            You are on GLUE wow crazy. No I go there to stay in at night like a hermit. They built the night life for people to stay in there condo or hotel room. Going out at nigh is questionable activity. Get a life as apparently you don’t have one now. I can see why you don’t have a business there now lol. I went there for 15 years because I loved it and felt safe but don’t today. You can’t walk down the road with out people asking you if you want drug even the taxi driver ask people. Any way not explain to a looser that hasn’t got a clue.

          8. Peter

            Mike, you have no idea what you are talking about. They built the nightlife for people to stay in?? WHAT?? There are hundreds of places to go at night. You stay in like a hermit, and I don’t have a life? You can see why I sold my business? can you? Really? How did you know my mother was f-ing dying, you piece of crap. You don’t like it there, stay home and be a hermit…. sounds like nobody will miss you. But shut up and leave the normal people alone.

          9. Mike Daniol

            What ever learn to read your a bigger looser than I though. No wonder you failed in business. I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR MOTHER. I don’t even know you. My point was simple I went out at night time I had said in other statement if you knew how to read. But also said I don’t feel safe there NOW going out at night. What is one supposed to do stay in like a hermit because they don’t feel safe. That was my point. Any way I will NOT be returning as by summers end I’m almost sure it will not be safe we in Canada are warned NOT to go there anyway. Its a big world out there why would anyone in there right mind go to Mexico now anyway. Or even the USA for that matter.
            As for your Mother I don’t know her or you. But I do wish her nothing but the best and I’m sorry if your loosing your mother. Nothing worst in life than loosing a family member expressly your mother. May god bless her.

            P.S This is just all my opinion and how I feel dose not mean people will stop going to Pv I loved it for 15 years Just time for me to explore safer territories. I will miss my friends there but I just don’t feel safe there anymore. :(

          10. Let’s try to move on from this. It has been nearly a month and still nothing except this single hour of events have taken place. Clearly Vallarta is not on the tipping point of falling into the hands of cartels or whatever other fate so many people are scared of, but this is such old news. Let’s also remember that when 2 grown adult men begin to start calling each other ‘losers’, they both walk away wearing that title. Someone needs to be an adult on the internet, this is not the way respectable people act.

          11. Mike Daniol

            MexicoRegister Travel insurance Destinations

            Last updated:May 6, 2015 14:48 ETStill valid:May 7, 2015 16:25 ETLatest updates:The Security tab was updated – Jalisco state.



            Entry/exit requirements


            Laws & culture

            Natural disasters & climate



            MEXICO – Exercise a high degree of caution

            There is no nationwide advisory in effect for Mexico. However, you should exercise a high degree of caution due to violence, especially in those parts of the country experiencing a deteriorating security situation. High levels of criminal activity, as well as demonstrations, protests and occasional illegal roadblocks, remain a concern throughout the country.

            We strongly recommend travel to Mexico by air in order to avoid land border crossings through potentially dangerous regions. You are advised to sign up with the Registration of Canadians Abroad (ROCA) service if travelling to or residing in Mexico.

            The Yucatan Peninsula, which includes the tourist destinations of Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Merida and Progreso, has not been significantly affected by violence or insecurity.

            Some municipalities popular with Canadian tourists, including Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Chapala in the state of Jalisco, are experiencing an increase in drug-related violence. As Mexican security forces battle against organized criminal groups, criminals have engaged in retaliatory actions such as arson attacks against businesses, gas stations and banks, shootouts, and blockades using burning cars. Remain vigilant throughout the state and exercise extreme caution. Stay in tourist areas and follow local media closely. If you do venture outside urban areas, exercise extreme caution, including on major highways. Avoid travelling at night. It is not safe to travel near the border with Michoacán (see Regional Advisory below).

            Due to high levels of organized crime in rural areas, including on major highways, you should exercise extreme caution in the states of Baja California (North), Morelos, Nayarit, San Luis Potosi, Veracruz, and Zacatecas. Popular tourist areas, such as South Nayarit (from Nuevo Vallarta to La Peñita de Jaltemba), and the cities of Tepoztlan, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, Xalapa, Veracruz, and Zacatecas remain relatively safe.

            Regional Advisory for the Northern states

            Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada advises against non-essential travel to the northern states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo León (except the city of Monterrey), Sinaloa (with the exception of Mazatlán), Sonora (except the cities of Hermosillo and Guaymas/San Carlos), and Tamaulipas due to continuously high levels of violence linked to organized crime. Consult the Security tab for more information.

            Regional Advisory for the South-Western states

            Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada also advises against non-essential travel to the south western states of Michoacán (excluding the city of Morelia) and Guerrero (excluding the cities of Ixtapa, Taxco and Zihuatanejo, as well as the tourist zone of Acapulco) due to the high levels of violence and organized crime. Exercise a high degree of caution in the excluded areas. Consult the Security tab for more information.

          12. You can argue all day with someone scared of spiders and try your best to tell them spiders are not dangerous, but they won’t change their mind. Just as someone who is scared of spiders cannot convince someone who is not scared that they should be.

            The facts are that no one was killed or injured in Puerto Vallarta so the reality is that nothing changed the crime or safety statistics in Puerto Vallarta. The argument is that you are fearful, but fear is rarely based on reality.

            There is no doubt that events happened Friday, that isn’t the questions and it is not even debatable. I was in NY on September 11, the worst terrorist attack in North American history. It was a one day event, nothing has happened in the city since then, even though many people were scared for years anytime a plane was flying low. Fear and Unsafe are two different things. One is based on emotion, the other on facts.

            I do find the Canadian warning to be very interesting. One paragraph says there is violence in Guadalajara, but the next paragraph says Guadalajara is safe. It looks like the Canadian government isn’t really clear about what is happening and it’s causing them to write contradicting warnings in a single statement.

          13. Mike, I think you might have a point but people are talking about two different things here. Today Puerto Vallarta is safe, and that was the original post, can someone come next week for vacation and feel safe. That answer is yes. No one has a crystal ball or knows without a doubt what the future brings. Will someone be safe next year in PV, or even tomorrow? I don’t know and either do you, but from a media view we only deal with facts and reality, and the reality is that today, as I am on my way to the beach, I can say that Puerto Vallarta is safe. If that changes our publication will be the first to publish that (we have no financial or real estate investments in PV to protect), however your comments seem to imply you know the future and that just isn’t true unless you are part of the cartel yourself and have inside information on plans. You are just fear mongering. You have no more proof of what you are saying than the Y2K doomsday sayers, or the Mayan Calendar doomsday. You are speculating.

          14. No problem. It is also important to know that 99% of information in Mexico is a lie, that is what makes reporting news so difficult. Yesterday the police spent hours running into malls and hotels on reports that there were gunfights all over the city, all ‘rumors’ of such activities were false. People here and on the ground know the reality of what is happening and we can be useful for information on the facts, simply reading something on the internet does not make it true, that is why it’s important in Mexico to find a reputable source of information, Facebook and Social Media tends not to be the best places for information. :) But thank you for you honest opinions.

    2. Notice too, The many injuries just in Baltimore and so far here with the burnings there hasn’t been loading or personal injuries. Despite the propaganda being in Mexico is far safer many of us find. Please check the facts before making a rash judgment. And it will be nice to see you here in PV enjoying the sun sand and safety. Be well.

    3. Robert Witt I totally get what you are saying. The whole Baltimore thing caused my company to cancel a seminar in that city due to the violence. And yes we have bad police, people, gangs and the mafia. I live in Houston which has all of the above but I’m not scared. And I’m not scared about PV at least not for now. I have been so excited leading up to May 16th to share the city with s place I may just call home. The whole idea about this trip was to see if my daughter could visualize me living there. P.S. I went to Costa Rica and she said, hell no it rains every day and I just don’t see it LOL.

  7. Geez I’ve told all my friends in the U.S. that it is safe in PV. I’ll be there in 2 weeks with my daughter. I have hopes of living there part time. But that won’t go over well with this news.

    1. amusedwithabsurdity

      I think it will still be safe. no one was hurt. we’re not quite sure what happened but it appears no tourists were targeted. Don’t let this scare you away from such a magical splendid place.

      1. kevin

        This is not SAFE, also this is a terrible thing for the people of PV. Imagine how many US/CAN people will no longer come to PV because of this

        1. amusedwithabsurdity

          I know many people living there now, used to live there for a few years. Everyone is calm, tourists weren’t the targets, it happened outside of the tourist zone. Most cities in the US are still more dangerous than PV.

        2. amusedwithabsurdity

          in fact, in the PV area, it appears humans in general were not the targets. as the the suspects chose to do this when banks were closed and even told people to get out of the way before starting the fires. Most of the people who died in the attacks throughout Jalisco as a whole, were law enforcement of some type actively trying to get them. There is a pretty well understood and deeply ingrained code in PV that you don’t mess with tourists. Their money is just too important to the economy.

        3. Dennis Spilde

          PV is quote safe comparitivly speaking, my wife and I are here now and we didn’t even know anything happened. We were in town all day and never heard or seen a thing.

  8. Thanks for this posting. I contacted some of the other PV news publications who give them self out as PV #1 local news sources but did not get any response

  9. Please do not drive on Acencio Media today if you can help it. This road needs to stay clear for first responders. I’m on the 21st floor of a high rise watching the street and the whole city. All is calm right now. Police, fire, military, ambulances need to use this highway. They are handling each instant with precision skills. They have been trained well for this with (impressive) calmness.

  10. Trishia Jacobs-Carney

    This is so sad:( I think of PV almost daily. Have such great memories of my trips there. Why must a few rotten apples make life so miserable for the majority??

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