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City of Puerto Vallarta Responds to Today’s Events

In light of the unfortunate events of today in the State of Jalisco, and other states in the country, where the fight against organized crime and protests turned violent, the resort town of Puerto Vallarta has added precautionary measures suggested by the Attorney General of Jalisco and the Secretariat of National Defense.

It’s important to note that the tourist areas of our city and ports have been properly secured for the protection of tourists who are visiting us during this three-day holiday weekend in Mexico.

The tourism industry in Puerto Vallarta, supported by state and federal agencies, serves to protect the people of the city; therefore we are fortunate that no injuries or incidents have been reported involving tourists during the unfortunate events of the day.

From the moment of the events the tourism reaction plan was enacted to extinguish rumors and supply accurate information to public relation centers in the US, Canada, and other countries around the world.

Official statements were sent to hotels, travel agents, and other tourism facilities to reiterate that the safety of Puerto Vallarta and the dedication to the safety of our visitors.

It is important to note that all weekend events will still take place, including the Buganvilia Festival and the North American Travel Journalist Association Conference.

The Tourism Board is working closely with local, state, and federal authorities to ensure information that needs to be distributed to the public and tourists are done so in a timely manner and responsibly.

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The Tourism Department warns against media speculation that can have a serious impact on perception of one of the friendliest and beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta.

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The above is the official release from the City of Puerto Vallarta, however it is important to note that within minutes of this release, Buganvilia Festival announced they were cancelling the festival activities until further notice.