Coronavirus in Mexico: July 2, 2021 Report

On Friday, July 2, 2021, health authorities in Mexico shared the daily statistics about the presence of the COVID-19 virus in the country. Authorities confirmed the existence of 2,531,229 accumulated confirmed cases, as well as 233,425 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the country.

According to the figures, in the last 24-hours, 5,879 new people tested positive for COVID-19. Similarly, there were 177 new deaths in the last 24-hours. In Mexico, only symptomatic people are tested and included in the daily reports. Asymptomatic individuals are not tested or included in the government’s official data. Data supplied by the government is only through the public health system and does not include individuals treated at private hospitals and health clinics.

The states with the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths are Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Jalisco, Puebla, and Guanajuato. On the other hand, Campeche, Colima, Baja California Sur, Chiapas, and Nayarit are the states with the least deaths recorded since the beginning of the pandemic.

Mexico reports 39,451 active COVID-19 cases, those being people who began showing symptoms in the last 14-days. Mexico City (12,453) leads in active cases, followed by Baja California Sur (2,841), Tabasco (2,804), the State of Mexico (2,752), and Yucatán (2,537). In total, there are eleven states that account for 85% of active cases in the country.

COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Mexico

In general beds nationwide, the authorities confirmed that, as of July 1, 2021, Baja California Sur was the entity with the highest occupancy with 68.68 percent. Quintana Roo, Tamaulipas, Sonora, Sinaloa, and Mexico City are above 30% but did not exceed 40% of their capacity. In addition, 17 states appear on the occupancy list between 10% and 29 percent. Meanwhile, nine states report rates below 10 percent. The five entities with the largest number of beds available are Guanajuato, Tlaxcala, Querétaro, Michoacán, and Chiapas.

On the other hand, beds equipped with ventilators, that is, for the care of intensive therapy patients, it was confirmed that Baja California Sur leads the statistic with 56.95% occupancy, followed by Yucatán (44.15%). Tabasco (33.86%) and Sinaloa (31.36%) are the only states with occupancy greater than 30% and less than 40 percent. Fourteen states are in the group with occupancy between 10% and 29 percent, while 14 states are below 10% of occupancy. Guanajuato, Querétaro, Puebla, Zacatecas and Guerrero are the states with the highest availability.

COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has confirmed a total of 8,052 cases of COVID-19, and 442 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The Federal Government reports only 4,261 COVID-19 cases, nearly half of the cases being reported by the state. Puerto Vallarta experienced a 30% increase in hospitalizations in June compared to the previous month (May). While the Federal Government reports 35 new cases in the past 24-hours, the State of Jalisco reports 42 new cases. Due to a lack of available testing, real numbers of daily infections are expected to be much higher than authorities report.

PVDN stopped daily reports on COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta on May 13 when daily averages were below 10 new cases per day. Over the past six weeks, Puerto Vallarta’s daily case average has increased 400%.

Jalisco Health Secretary warns of third-wave

If we lower our guard and relax sanitary measures to prevent COVID-19, the “third wave” of the virus could arrive earlier than expected, according to the Jalisco Health Secretary, Fernando Petersen.

The official explained that although there is already a large part of the population with at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, it is not the time to withdraw sanitary measures such as the use of face masks, handwashing with soap (or use of gel antibacterial) and keep your distance, as a new peak of the virus could be registered between July and August.

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