Dead Dolphin Found on Shore in Puerto Vallarta

Officials in Puerto Vallarta collected the body of a dead dolphin two meters from Garza Blanca, says staff at the nearby resort.

The body was taken to Centro Universitario de la Costa for an autopsy.

“The autopsy does not show any signs of death caused by human, no vessel injury, body damage, or organ damage. The digestive system and respiratory are intact. There are minor muscular injuries and what appears to be minor bites,” said Juan José Navarro Amara, manager of the Department of Municipal Environment and Ecology.

Amara states that biting and playing are part of the species games and perhaps while playing the dolphin received injuries that lead to his death.

Officials remind the public that if they see dead turtles, dolphins, or birds to call Civil Protection. Authorities will remove the bodies and conduct appropriate testing to ensure death is not caused by bacteria, pollution, or contagious viruses.

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    1. I know it’s horrible.. but at the same time it can be a teaching moment to tell people the importance of alerting authorities about dead animals so they can be tested to protect other wildlife. Maybe that is the positive side of the story to take away :)

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