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Delia Morán-Vidanta Foundation offers a brighter future for kids

September 17 marks 4 years since the Delia Morán-Vidanta Foundation (FDMV) educational center began to develop extracurricular activities to benefit low-income children in the Bay of Banderas. Since 2013, these activities have contributed to improving the lives of more than 500 children in the region.

“This anniversary is very commemorative, since we have formed two generations; and also represents the watershed of the things we have achieved and those that need to be improved,” said Isabel Arana, director of the Delia Morán-Vidanta Foundation.

The courses offered by the Foundation seek to complement the academic training that children receive in their respective schools, through evening activities that include artistic training, sports, English language instruction, mathematics, reading, computer science, values, nutrition, among others.

Isabel Arana, who has been in charge of the school since the beginning of this activity, said that during this time she had the opportunity to see how the families of these kids changed the idea of the future that their children will have since they were part of these activities.

She emphasized that the Delia Morán Foundation conducts a selection process every year among children who have a high vulnerability index, so that they can access these extracurricular services, since what is sought is to offer them the opportunity to complement their education and have better opportunities.

There are two options for entering the Foundation program. The first is the System for the Integral Development of the Family of the State of Nayarit (DIF) that selects children for enrollment. From this a organization, children are selected by socioeconomic study, endorsed by social workers, vulnerability report, letters from the parents, and so on.

The other option is made by the Foundation itself, through the support of the areas of psychology, nutrition and the medical field.

To date, there are more than 500 children who have already benefited from this program, and the waiting list is considerable.

“It’s a complex thing, since all the families who carry out this process are extremely important to us; we wish we could receive all the children, however, we have a cap and a waiting list that we must respect,” explained Isabel Arana.

She said that among the plans of the Foundation is to follow up the alumni and establish a link to be able to continue working with them, as well as reaching agreements with a look to the future and opportunities for minors.

As part of this follow-up and on the occasion of its anniversary, on September 18 the Foundation will hold an internal event in which the children will enjoy a small but significant celebration, in which food, as well as activities carried out during the day will commemorate the event.

In addition, children will participate in the creation of celebration materials and celebrate the opportunity to access training that enriches them and helps them to develop their potential in a fun and creative way.

The Delia Morán Foundation is part of the initiatives that Grupo Vidanta has undertaken as part of its social responsibility, through which it seeks to contribute to the preparation and development of children.

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