Estero el Salado threatened by real estate development in Puerto Vallarta

There is a growing number of people concerned about protecting the natural area of ​​Estero El Salado, with its primary threat being real estate interests in Puerto Vallarta.

President of the National Association, “Confío en México,” Salvador Cosío Gaona, urged the authorities not to be tempted to grant permits, warning that there are already pacts for future construction of buildings and tourist developments in that area.

“In meetings that I have had, I know that the Governor of the State and groups of investors are planning to start a development similar to what was once Marina II. It aims to provide resources to El Salado in exchange for delivering land in a protected area, in the ecotourism estate”.

The former candidate for the governorship of Jalisco announced that in the coming days he will convene a forum of experts, activists, professionals and together undertake a defense strategy for El Salado.

He suggests that the recent State Government takeover of the protected area is a stunt to hide the transfer of land for commercial development, and the community must be aware of the trap and be on guard to avoid losing this protected area in a project disguised as social interest.

Cosío Gaona also said that Thursday’s overturning of a bus with a balance of 15 people killed on the Tepic-Puerto Vallarta highway, which left the city incommunicado due to the closure of arteries, may have been avoided.

He called urgently the rehabilitation of the Ameca-Mascota-San Sebastian-Las Palmas-Vallarta highway, poorly built in the Government of former Governor Francisco Ramírez Acuña and forgotten by his successors.

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