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Expats in Vallarta March Meetups

During the month of March, ExPats in Vallarta will be having two Happy Hour gatherings.  They will be on Tuesday, March 10th and Tuesday, March 24th   at Langostino’s from 5:00 to 7:00pm.  Langostinos is located on Los Muertos Beach just north of the new pier.

Wine and Appetizer evenings are scheduled for Friday, March 3rd in the Marina area and Friday, March 20th in the Marina area.

Neighborhood coffees will be on Tuesday, March 3rd Starbucks in the Marina, and Tuesday, March 31st at Starbucks at the Peninsula.

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Special event dinners will be held on Thursday, March 12th at Gilmar and Thursday March 26th at Los Muertos Brewing.  Reservations and tickets need to be bought in advance.

To make reservations for the Happy Hours, Wine and Appetizer evenings and the special event dinners, go to the ExPat website

The local group of Expats In Vallarta is open to all ExPat residents, visitors and investors from other countries.  The purpose of the group is informal fellowship and assistance for ExPats around Vallarta for those considering or living in the area.  There is no membership fee or requirement; everyone pays for only what they use or consume.