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First death from Covid-19 in Mexico is reported

As of today, 118 cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus were confirmed, according to the official report released at the National Palace. It does not include the report on what is the first death of a person due to the infection, which was confirmed to La Jornada by health cabinet sources.

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The victim is a 41-year-old man with no history of travel to any of the places where the virus circulates. He was hospitalized at the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) in Mexico City.

In addition, there is another person admitted to a private hospital, also a 41-year-old male, with Covid-19, intubated and in intensive care. He also has no travel history and attended the Vive Latino Festival, the largest music festival in Mexico that brought tens of thousands of music lovers together in the midst of a pandemic, but the festival continued.

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