Four people in different instances were tied to poles and beaten in Puerto Vallarta

Four people were tied to poles, stripped and beaten by strangers, in the streets of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

According to reports from the Municipal Police, as of 9:26 pm on Monday, the presence of a person tied to a post was reported, with traces of beatings and blows to the body, between Gardenia and Herberto Castillo streets, on one side of the cemetery of Colonia Progreso.

The subject identified himself as Mario “N”, 41 years old, from Guerrero.

According to the victim, he was in the Colonia Volcanes, at 16:00 yesterday, when he was approached by people who took him to a farm and beat him, then tied him to the post.

Another person was found at 22:30 in the same conditions, in the Bobadilla neighborhood, in Durango street.

The person did not want to reveal his name and only said that he lived in the Colonia Volcanes.

At 23:00 a third man was found tied up in the Brasilia street pantheon. In the same way, he was beaten, tied and undressed.

At 01:29 today, another man was found tied to a pole in the Lopez Mateos colony.

This one was identified as Enrique “N”, from the Agua Azul colony.

The victim, like the other three, was beaten, tortured and stripped, with the peculiarity that this person was sheared with an R on the neck, believed to brand the individual with ‘rat’, a phrase used to describe a thief. all instances are believed to have been a vigilante act for theft.

Update: More men found naked and tied to poles, a total of 10 in Puerto Vallarta over 3 days.

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