Hawk Released After Crashing Into Garza Blanca Window

After attending to the medical needs of a hawk that crashed into a window at Garza Blanca last Saturday, the Department of Environment and Ecology of Puerto Vallarta reintegrated the bird back into its natural habitat in the area of Palo Maria.

Juan José Navarro Amaral, head of the Environment and Ecology, said the rescue of the hawk was made possible by a citizen alerting authorities of the injured bird.

The bird did not receive any major injuries or fractions, apparently mostly stunned and shaken by the impact. It is believed the bird crashed into the window at Garza Blanca while pursuing prey. After 48-hours of observation the bird was released.

“Today we examined the status of the hawk again with PROFEPA and Civil Protection and determined it was time to release the bird to its natural habitat south of the city,” an official said.

The official said that this type of bird is under special protection rule 059, being a bird that lives in the southern US and into South America. Their habit is around rivers, lakes, and streams, where they feed on small mammals, lizards, fish, and crabs, so Palo Maria was chosen as the release location.

Official remind the public that if they encounter an injured or dead animal that they alert PROFEPA to tend to the animal.

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