Helping turtles reach the sea, a grain of salt for the planet (and humanity)

More than an emotional experience, releasing turtles is an experience that allows human beings to expand their awareness of their place on the planet and offers the possibility of helping the survival of an animal species.

Taking the turtles to the sea is an extraordinary experience, because we as human beings have the lives of other living beings in our hands and this makes us feel that we can do much more than we think, said Iran, a young Tabasco woman.

As part of the activities of the Youth International Meeting around 2030. Innovation for Transformation, little more than 130 turtles were released, which were 12 hours old.

Iran celebrated having participated in this activity because, she said, in one way or another there is communication regarding feelings, cheering them on and encouraging the turtles so they can go further and have more time to live.

This, because they do not always live, is an activity that moves many feelings and also leaves the question about what we can do as young people for the environment, she said.

Undoubtedly, she said, starting from home with recycling so that there is not so much pollution in the seas and these animals have a better chance of survival, they do not have to die because of human action, and because the environment also causes suffering for humans.

Promoting life is an incentive and helping a turtle to reach the sea is wonderful, said Marcela, a young woman originally from Chile, participating in the release of turtles in Acapulco, Guerrero.

For Leo, from Bolivia, it was very gratifying to help the sea turtles reach the sea, “they are very small and vulnerable, we have to give them a little push so they can reach their destination; I hope they manage to survive.”

Alba, from Veracruz, said that international meetings are important to promote environmental programs because they allow creating alliances to achieve those same projects in the port of Veracruz, and it is an experience that leaves this type of forums.

Liberating turtles have a technical process that the young people learned by taking them in their hands until they were released in the sand, taking care of the area so that they alone could reach the sea in the safest way.

Seeing the turtles slowly walk on the dark sand, and then losing them when swimming in a hurry in the water, inspires the confidence that life requires a little help and that this “nudge” they provided gave a chance for survival.

Puerto Vallarta News

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