border tunnel

Hi-tech tunnel found between the U.S. / Mexico border

On the border between Mexico and the United States, a Border Patrol team found a tunnel with railroad tracks and equipped with an electricity and ventilation system powered by solar energy.

The tunnel would allow a drug dealer to cross the border from a house located in Jacumé, Mexican municipality of Mexicali, in Baja California, to Jacumba, San Diego County, in California.

The Border Patrol reported that the tunnel exceeded the US border by up to 100 meters and investigations of National Security elements and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reported that the tunnel had not been completed and no exit had been completed on the U.S. side of the border, but it did cross the border underground.

The well at the entrance was approximately 10 meters deep and the unfinished output shaft rose by about 4 meters, but the tunnel was discovered on the Mexico side of the border on September 19, ending the construction before being completed.

The excavation and sophistication of these clandestine tunnels are increasingly frequent, especially after the construction of the wall along the US-Mexico border and, according to specialists, these passageways are used for drug smuggling that provides for a good profit in the U.S. for criminal organizations.

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