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Hotels in Puerto Vallarta to start opening June 1

Hotels in Puerto Vallarta are hoping to start activities on June 1, with the announcement by Governor Enrique Alfaro that hotels and motels can begin operations on May 18 with restrictions, closing common areas of the hotel, such as restaurants, lounges and pools.

Álvaro Garcíarce Monraz, president of the Puerto Vallarta Hotel and Motel Association, shares that they are already preparing to invite visitors to the destination, complying with sanitary measures.

The outlook is not flattering for this year in tourist terms due to the effects of COVID-19, said Heriberto Sánchez, leader of the National Association of Airport Transport Companies.

He said that there are some predictions that groups of tourists will come in the coming weeks, even people from travel agencies in the United States have already come to review the situation in Bahía de Banderas to see if they could arrive in June.

Heriberto Sánchez highlighted that hotels must start with international protocols and standards now.

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As for the mobilization of people at the airport, it has collapsed dramatically, Heriberto Sánchez said.

Regarding whether the hotels are ready to reopen, Heriberto Sánchez answered that not for next week, but for June 1.

Finally, he stressed that people want to travel, but many are expecting the sanitary measures taken by tourist destinations.