Inauguration of expansion and remodeling works of the Puerto Vallarta Regional Hospital

This Saturday the Governor of the State of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, delivered the expansion and remodeling works of the Puerto Vallarta Regional Hospital, a hospital that has become a space that is committed to providing quality services and well-being to the citizens of the port and from more adjoining municipalities.

“Here we are demonstrating with actions what for many is easy to say in words, here are the works that demonstrate the commitment we have with this municipality,” said the Governor.

“It has already exceeded the budget a little, with the update, it was $120 million pesos and let me tell you something else, you know how much the payroll costs that doubled, 115 percent, we grew the staff because what is the use of having a very nice hospital if we do not have the necessary personnel, we doubled the personnel and operating today only the payroll of this hospital costs $146 million pesos and $28 million for new equipment. So, if it is expensive to do the work, it is more expensive to make the work work, but there is no better investment than the health of our people and today what we have is a decent hospital, a hospital prepared to provide a better service,” he added.

The complete reconstruction by David Zamora, secretary of Infrastructure and Public Works (SIOP), can be seen from the operating rooms, the emergency area, obstetric surgery, neonatal intensive care, pediatric hospitalization, intensive care, the nursing center, laboratories, x-rays, machine room, external consultation, bathrooms, dressing rooms, general painting maintenance, exteriors, laundry and more. The new areas correspond to the kitchen, air conditioning areas, and the residence building, which dignifies the stay of the doctors and nurses, who deliver their work and hours of service for the benefit of the communities.

On this important day for the Government of Jalisco and the North Coast region in Puerto Vallarta, after months of supervision and never having stopped providing hospital services during the pandemic, the host mayor indicated that after years no investment had been made in the hospital: “in many years it has not been invested into it, the furniture had not been invested, the equipment that was required to have more attention to patients was left behind. Today it has more operating rooms, more personnel, and more attention that is going to be given here to Puerto Vallarta.”

The Secretary of Health, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, reported that the growth of the population has meant expanding the number of workers by 115 percent, 30 percent in the hospitalization area, going from 53 to 67 beds currently; the outpatient clinic increased from 8 to 12 offices, the obstetrics area increased from 6 to 12, with which gynecological and obstetric care is being reinforced.

The newborn area is completely new and has 12 new beds and 4 extra beds for isolated patients, after learning about pandemic protocols.

Governor supervises works in the El Salado estuary

Previously, the Governor of the State of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, toured the works that are involved in the El Salado estuary, which amounts to more than $23 million pesos were executed in stage one and stage two, which both enter a second stage respectively for an amount of $13 million.

The second investment package is intended for the construction of bays and entrances, warehouses, rehabilitation of bathrooms, construction of a crocodile farm, nursery, dock, and electrical connection, that in stage one.

Stage two is building finishes and signage in the tower, forklifts, connection and lighting in the tower, and replacement of the perimeter fence in damaged sections, with works carried out by the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Public Works.

In total, it exceeds $36 million pesos in stages 1 and 2.

“After having made an enormous effort in coordination with organized civil society, with academic institutions, we were able to expand the protected natural area, 208 hectares already, and then prepare a master plan that involved an enormous exercise in dialogue and consensus that allows us today to have a project with enormous social support.

This space will be a legacy of the environmental capital that Puerto Vallarta has, and it is expected to be inaugurated in December of this year.

Its director, Jaime Torres, stated that it is the only protected urban mangrove system in Latin America and its main ecosystem is mangrove and more than 167 species of birds; There are reptiles, mainly the river crocodile, which is more than 2,000 years old in the region, hence the importance of this area, which today is being intervened with due measures.

“That is the challenge, that people know how to live with the fauna that we have in Puerto Vallarta,” said the owner of the estuary.

Estero El Salado will be a space for teaching and information on environmental awareness and culture, agreed those present, who were accompanied by representatives of the Congress of Jalisco.

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