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International tourism in Mexico declines 13% in August

international tourism mexico declines

The month of August registered a decrease of 13% with respect to the month of July in terms of the number of international visitors that entered mexico

The month of August registered a decrease of 13% compared to July international tourists visiting Mexico, according to a survey by the International Travelers of the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI).

This new INEGI study showed that during the month of August 7,157,990 international visitors entered Mexico, 13% less than in July 2018 and 7.3% less than in August 2017.

The final report of this study indicates that 1,078,792 Mexicans visited abroad, representing a decrease of 8.2% compared to July 2018 and 11.2% less than that registered in August 2017.

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The main reasons for the exit and entry of visitors from Mexico are for family visits and for pleasure, and also indicates that the automobile was used most when traveling from Mexico to the U.S.

This survey, which was conducted for the first time by INEGI together with the Bank of Mexico, also indicates that during the month of August, international visitors spent 4.8% less than what they spent in July, but represented an increase of 16.3% compared to what they spent in August of 2017.

INEGI explained that this monthly report will be published 40 days after the end of each month.