Jet Ski Rentals

Don’t worry about searching online for a jet ski tour and rental company or booking an appointment at a tour booth on the sidewalk. Simply go to the nearest beach, Los Muertos Beach being the most popular for water activities, and you’ll see jet ski companies set up, ready and waiting for you.

There will be a team on the beach to help you get setup and go over safety equipment and operating the jet ski. Safety is a top priority for everyone involved. There is almost always bilingual staff there to answer your questions and explain what to do.

Most of the jet ski rentals along the beaches also offer parasailing and give “banana rides.” Jet skis can typically be rented by the hour, half day, or full day. All rentals include the use of a life jacket. Many of these water sport rentals accept both US and Canadian dollars, as well as pesos, of course.

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