Mexican film actress Lupita Tovar of ‘Dracula’ dies at 106

Mexican film actress Lupita Tovar, who starred in the 1931 Spanish-language version of “Dracula,” has died. She was 106.

A representative for Tovar’s grandson, the screenwriter Chris Weitz, confirmed Tovar’s death Monday. Tovar, who starred in one of Mexico’s first sound films, 1932’s “Santa,” died Friday in Los Angeles.

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The Spanish-language “Dracula” was shot concurrently with the Bela Lugosi version, using the same sets at night – a common practice in the early days of sound film. The National Film Registry of the Library of Congress recently included the Spanish-language version on its list of “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant films.

Tovar was married to agent-producer Paul Kohner, whose daughter Susan Kohner was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Douglas Sirk’s 1959 melodrama, “Imitation of Life.” Her grandchildren, Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz, are both Oscar-nominated screenwriters and filmmakers.

Actress Lucy Tovar announced her aunt’s death Saturday on Facebook.

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