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Mexico to Export More Foods Throughout Latin America

Thanks to the Pacific Alliance, Mexico will expand the presence of its food products in Latin America and strengthen trade ties with Chile, Colombia and Peru, to promote complementarity between nations and ensure the continued access to safe and healthy food for its inhabitants.

In 2013, Mexico exported $314 million dollars in food products to the countries of the Pacific Alliance, namely Chile, Colombia and Peru.

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The Pacific Alliance agreement will bring commercial benefits for Mexican beef, fruits, vegetables, beverages, coffee and fishery and aquaculture products.

In addition, on the long run, the country will benefit from the elimination of tariffs on products such as coconut, avocado, orange, banana, guava, mango, grapefruit, watermelon, melon, apple, strawberry, plum and berries, among others.

This agreement will allow Mexico to strengthen its strategic position in Latin America and the Caribbean, promote a strategic partnership with countries that have experienced high economic dynamism, and provide access to a market with 209 million people.