Mexico is a better place to live for foreigners than the United States, according to HSBC ranking

According to a list made by the HSBC Expatriate Financial Services Group, Mexico is among the list of countries that have the best living conditions; including economic, social and political factors.

Mexico ranks above developed countries such as the United States, Japan and/or the United Kingdom.

This Ranking takes into account physical and mental well-being, in addition to the quality of life, political aspects, and also, the ease of settling in the country for foreigners and thus, the opening of the country in general.

In the first three places, Switzerland, Singapore, and Canada, according to the 2019 list, in the 2018 list, Switzerland was in eighth place, Singapore was first and Canada number four.

Mexico ranks in 21st place, being above the United States, which is in 23rd place.

China is in 27th place and Japan is number 30.

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