Mexico reports 4,346 new cases of COVID-19 and 625 deaths

José Luis Alomía, General Director of Epidemiology, reported that this Friday, June 5, Mexico reached 13,170 deaths from COVID-19. In addition, there are 110,026 cases since the first positive case began on February 28 last.

There are 19,015 confirmed active cases in the country. There are 116,049 negative cases, 48,822 suspects, and a total of 324,897 people studied.

It should be remembered that the numbers reported by the federal government do not include cases within private hospitals or tests from private laboratories. Only cases detected within the public health system hospitals and clinics are reported in Mexico, so the numbers given each day are not accurate.

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This evening marks the 98th daily news conference, and it is the fifth day of the “New Normal” under the government’s reopening of the economy.

The official reported that on the international scene, the World Health Organization (WHO) registers America as the place where confirmed and active cases are 55.4% of the world cases.

Europe registers 264,735 cases or 17.4 percent. The total number of confirmed cases worldwide is 6,535,354, but those confirmed in the last 14 days are 1,518,408 or 23 percent. The global case-fatality rate is 5.9 percent.

So far, the entities with the highest concentration of cases are Mexico City, the State of Mexico, and Tabasco.

Due to a lack of testing and a high percentage of testing not accepted by the Federal Government, the COVID-19 daily reports give only a small snapshot of the spread of the pandemic and can not be used to understand the situation within the country.

It is also expected that the death toll from COVID-19 is twice that being reported by the Federal Government. The Federal Government in April projected 8,000 – 9,000 deaths in Mexico, now the government concedes the number of deaths is likely to reach 30,000, three times their original projection.

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