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Mysterious ‘sea monster’ washes ashore in Mexico

From a distance it looks like a four-metre long pile of soggy rags, but this ugly sight is actually the dead body of some sort of sea creature.

Locals in Acapulco, Mexico have filmed a grisly and morbidly fascinating video of a giant carcass which washed up on the beach.

In the absence of proper medical equipment, the locals use the layman’s method of identifying the creature — poking it with a stick.

The problem is, the carcass is so decayed and waterlogged, even the authorities in Mexico have no idea what it is.

The body was found on Wednesday afternoon and reportedly absolutely stinks.

Local fire chief Sabas de la Rosa Camacho said the creature could either be a giant squid or a whale.

But given how odd it looks, it could well be something else entirely.

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