Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco inspired the Corona beer logo

According to beer industry experts, the name of Cerveza Corona has to do with the fact that the characteristic logo was inspired by the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Corona beer is one of the most emblematic drinks in Mexico. Its fame has been of such magnitude that it has appeared in one of Hollywood’s most successful film franchises, Fast and Furious, in which Dominic Toretto shared Carona with the rest of his team.

But like all successful products, there is an origin. When was it first created? Corona beer was manufactured for the first time in 1926, that is, in 2022 it turned 96 years old, so it is close to celebrating its centenary.

In the year it was created, its presentation was practically as we know it now. It was bottled in the so-called “quarters”, which was a transparent container that allowed the tonality of the drink to be seen. Previously, the beers were kept in dark containers, but the taste of the public ended up maintaining the tradition that began with Corona.

Much of the popularity of this “chela” was the pleasure of being able to recognize the brand at first sight. In addition, consumers liked the blue tone and the legend that said in its beginnings “The finest beer”.

In 1935, this company began to create its commercial advertisements for the first time, at the same time as the modernization of highways in Mexico, allowing it to quickly become available in all corners of the country and quickly becoming the most sold beer in Mexico.

Around 15 years later, the company in charge of bottling the drink started the so-called “Corona Caravan”, which was part of the modernization of the country, because its distribution was driven by the roads that were created in Mexico.

Five years later, in 1955, the name Corona Extra emerged and became one of its first sponsorships with sports teams and important events. In 1964, Corona Extra beer introduces the public to home beer, also known as “social beer.”

“Through more than nine decades, we have invested and grown with Mexico. Today, we generate more than 32,000 direct jobs in our breweries and vertical operations, located throughout the country. In addition, we generate thousands of indirect jobs that range from the barley fields, primary distribution, and points of sale such as miscellaneous, grocery stores, hotels, bars, and restaurants, etc,” boasts the Corona beer bottler.

In 2021 alone, Corona was named the most valuable beer brand globally, according to Brand Finance’s annual report, and the most sought-after beer in the United States, Canada, and the world. In other words, it has a global success due to its light flavor that has pleased the most demanding markets in North America and Europe.

With all this, Puerto Vallarta has played a small role in the success of the world’s most popular beer.

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