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Police unit in Puerto Vallarta ambushed; one dead

The Attorney General’s Office (FGE) confirmed that a unit of the Puerto Vallarta police department was ambushed killing one policeman and injuring another in an area that leads from the community El Colorado to El Veladero.

FGE reported that the police officers were on regular patrol when they were attacked by an armed group late Friday night.

Members of the city police said they stopped having contact with their peers in the early morning hours on Saturday, so the search began.

15 city and regional police were involved in the search to locate the missing police officers.

According to police reports, around 2:30 AM they found police officer Carlos Perez Velazquez with two gunshot wounds, one in the abdomen and another in the right leg. The officer reported that the attackers came from the hill above them. Perez stated his partner had been shot in the head but his body was not at the scene.

A continued search found the dead body of police officer Ignacio Delgadillo Bernal with a shot to the head about 200 meters away from where the shooting occurred.

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Reports indicate that the police vehicle assigned to the unit had received at least 14 gun shots.

A continued search to find the gunmen is underway.


src Union Jalisco