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President Trump’s tough stance on trade forces Mexico, Canada to make choices

President Trump's tough stance on trade forces Mexico, Canada to make choices

Lighthizer said the timetable for the new deal was set up so Pena Nieto can approve it before he leaves office on November 30 – an arrangement that’s acceptable to Lopez Obrador.

Mr Trump once again complained about Canada’s controlled dairy market, although his comments referred to tariffs that do not apply to U.S. products.

The back and forth about the supposed meeting comes amid the US and Canada’s acrimonious renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement , or NAFTA , and follows months of souring relations between the two North American neighbors.

Trump, who wants major changes to the 1994 treaty, has already concluded a text with Mexico and is threatening to leave out Canada unless it signs up by this Sunday.

"That’s the motherload, that’s the big one", Trump told reporters.

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Trump made the remarks during a news conference in NY on Wednesday when he was asked if he had, in fact, snubbed Trudeau.

The two sides are still far apart on major issues such as how to settle disputes and United States demands for more access to Canada’s protected dairy market.US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has noted that there remains "some distance" between the US and Canada, specifically on how to settle trade disputes in the future, and about US access to the Canadian dairy market.Freeland said that the updated deadline for an agreement will be when a "good deal" for Canada has been reached. Kavanaugh Accuser Sued Former Employer, Used Law Firm Of Other Accuser All 10 Democratic members […]