PROFECO Shuts Down 15 Businesses in Puerto Vallarta for Violations

The federal consumer protection agency (PROFECO) placed seals suspending 15 businesses in Puerto Vallarta, among them hotels, restaurants, bars, timeshares and self service department and electronics stores. However, the sanctioned businesses were not identified.

All the sanctioned businesses violated federal consumer protection laws, reported PROFECO representative, Gabriela Vázquez, who led an operation in the vacation center on Sunday.

Among the laws not complied with most frequently are: not showing prices, not respecting the prices displayed, adding conditions to purchases, not showing the characteristics of the product or service, and a lack of a contract on procedures registered with the federal agency.

The operation included 30 businesses which have received frequent complaints from consumers, which were tested and 15 did not comply with the law and were suspended from activities. They have five days to fix the legal violations in order to have the sanctions removed or else monetary fines will be applied, said the official.

The representative reported that these operations will be permanent in Puerto Vallarta, because of the constant complaints from consumers, and urged that complaints be made to PROFECO of abuses or irregularities in businesses, according to the press release.

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  1. Brenda Retzlaff de Rivera

    Any idea where to see the list of the 15 that did not comply? I can think of a few that should be on that last…

    1. PROFECO will release the names of any that are not compliant in the next 5 days. We have been told of 2, but we cannot confirm that at 100% without the confirmation of PROFECO and we cannot run a story without a source. But in 5 days it is open season for those who do not comply :)

      1. Brenda Retzlaff de Rivera

        Great! Thank you for your reply, I look forward to reading the follow-up article(s). I have dealt with PROFECO in the past and they were efficient and resolved the problem. (Cancelling SKY) and for a restaurant that was charging 10 Pesos per person on the bill as a seating charge.

        1. If you ever want to write an article, or blog style, page about your PROFECO experience and how you contacted them, the procedure, the outcome, your overall experience, we would be happy to publish it so our readers can learn how to deal with that agency and what to expect. Of course you can add a footer about you and any business service you have in Vallarta, if you wish. We are community news.

  2. John Coake

    Hopefully Vallarta Daily will follow this up with a report on what businesses were suspended. Like having REAL news that isn’t sugar coated.

    1. The way PROFECO works is they give the business 5 days to comply with whatever regulation they violated. During those 5-days the business name is “off the record” to give the business a chance to comply without causing damage to the business name. After the 5-days, PROFECO will announce the names of those business that are still not complaint and release their names. We know of 2 business for certain, however PROFECO will not verify our findings, until they do we would just be spreading rumors. I hope all 15 comply and return to doing business in our economy within the guidelines.

  3. I wish I had been complaining about OXXO. Many times I have been charged a higher price at the register than what is displayed on the shelf. I have brought it to the attention of the clerk and they told me I don’t need to buy it if I don’t want to pay that price.

    1. So true, they changed the price of coffee 2 months ago and still have not changed their sign, but I have pointed it out to them a dozen times or more. I don’t know if that is the sad part, or that I just admitted I drink coffee from the OXXO with so many cafes around is even more sad. :-/

  4. Nothing hurts PV more than tourists feeling they’ve been ripped off. Glad to see PROFECO is clamping down on those businesses that are not following the law and potentially giving our city a bad name!

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