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Bachelor in Paradise set to film in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico’s Tourism Board has announced an investment of $6 million dollars to lure the reality television show, The Bachelor in Paradise, to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit to film their next season.

The announcement was made by the Director of Tourism for Riviera Nayarit who said this investment is part of the “Vallarta-Nayarit Live it to Believe it” campaign.

Filming of The Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico will take place for six weeks, between the months of May and June. Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit will assist in production with logistics, filming locations, and rooms for cast and crew in the area.

The Bachelor in Paradise brings eight women and six men together from previous seasons where six men choose the woman they would like to get to know better, leaving two women without a rose and sent home. Throughout the next seven weeks things get mixed up with the addition of additional bachelors and bachelorettes each week, and maybe a little swapping.

Location filming is currently being discussed and is likely to include Marietas islands and Los Arcos in Mismaloya, along with other natural scenes to highlight the beauty of both travel destinations.

The details of the filming were announced Wednesday in a closed meeting at Casa Velas where production was confirmed.

The Bachelor in Paradise filmed their first season in Tulum, Mexico. The show is part of the Bachelor franchise and brings together past contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Last year The Bachelor Canada filmed a single episode in Nuevo Vallarta. The Riviera Nayarit Tourism Director said this time, imagine an entire season of The Bachelor in the US being filmed on location in our area.

The Bachelor franchise is the most watched reality television program in the United States. The program debuted in September 2002 on ABC and quickly added The Bachelorette, and last year debuted Bachelor in Paradise.


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  1. share

    You guys know that it’s very hot and the worst months to come visit PV down here. A lot of the good resteraunts will be closed during that time of season and less people here anyways. It gets very hot down here during the months of May, June, July, and August. Raining and everything. I don’t know how it’s going to work out for the show. That’s kind of bad timing to film down here and insane weather.

    1. Justin Loman

      Rains begin in the end of June, which is why they chose May I am sure. May has an average of one rain day during the month with average humidity at 68%, one percent more than January. Most restaurants do not close in Puerto Vallarta and those that do always choose a month vacation in September or October. The hottest months with the most rain are July, August, and September. Are you new to Puerto Vallarta? January, February, March are winter months. April, May, June are spring months. July, August, September are summer months. October, November, December is Autumn months. Springs is still very comfortable and right after the last major holiday of Easter. It still provides nice weather in May without the heat and humidity but the tourist season is winding down making it a perfect time to film. Most productions have no desire to deal with crowded cities unless the production requires that. I guess the romance of the Bachelor would be better set in a location without a bunch of people buzzing around, so their choice is actually optimal for their needs.

      1. share

        I’m not new here. I’ve been coming down here for the past 10 years. All of our friends leave and go back to the states
        The end or middle of May because it starts getting really hot down here. I’ve been here till June and went back to the states and visited back and forth during the hot and rainy seasons down here too. Not much to do during those months. Your right it starts winding down a bit, less crowded. That is probably why they chose those months.

  2. yep sure would like the dates when they will be there, i dont want to plan my vacation there, when they will be filming:( would suck being there and having to stay away from places because they are shooting the film there

    1. jajaja why you say that? You know we do not publish all of our news on Facebook. Things that we really consider “headlines” or stories we know our Facebook people will respond to, we publish here. But there is a LOT more news that we don’t publish here. I think the only place all of our stories are posted is on Google+ because of our agreement with Google to be part of the Google News Network. We spread the love on many social networks.

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