Puerto Vallarta calls on public not to relax measures and health protocols

Given the increase in the number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta and the region, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, made a new call to the general population not to relax preventive measures and strengthen health protocols to avoid more infections.

During the virtual meeting of the Executive Council of Public Safety IX of the North Coast, the mayor of Vallarta pointed out that if the cases continue to increase, there is a risk of returning to confinement and the closure of activities, which would mean a serious setback for this destination, since everything would be lost by advancing in the economic and tourist reactivation, with very serious consequences.

Dávalos Peña said that in a recent meeting of the health board with the mayors of the region, it was agreed that there is a social relaxation in the face of this disease, especially among young people where infections have increased by going to parties and clubs without health protocols, bringing the virus to their homes, with their parents and grandparents, the most vulnerable and at-risk sectors.

“Unfortunately, infections are on the rise, deaths are increasing and according to the diagnosis of the health board, we have a problem, everyone has already relaxed, they believe that we are no longer going to get sick from Covid-19,” he said, reminding that there is not yet a vaccine and that it is necessary to continue with the use of the masks, keep a healthy distance, wash your hands and use antibacterial gel constantly to avoid more infections.

In addition, he added that if this trend continues, there is a risk that the “emergency button” will be pressed and that activities and businesses will be closed again, which would be a serious setback for the economy of the city.

“Governor Enrique Alfaro is concerned about the increase in infections, and we do not want to go back, what little we have recovered is going to collapse and we are going to do very badly; the cruise ships that leave a great economic spill are about to arrive; flights have increased, tourism is arriving, it is the high season, and if we do not continue to take care of ourselves and do not respect the protocols, practically all the effort that has been made would collapse ”, warned the municipality of Vallarta.

He said that for this reason, “we have to tighten all our actions, reinforce health protocols again, we must not relax, first there is the health of all our people, of all of us; because if there is health, there is economic reactivation; If there is no health, we will go backward again. It is a shared responsibility, we already have seven months with the preventive campaign, not to go out if it is not necessary, to use a mask, that we all know, the problem is that we have relaxed,” emphasized Dávalos Peña.

At this meeting, the director of the VIII Sanitary Region, Armando Pérez Oliva, presented the updated panorama of COVID-19 in the municipalities of the jurisdiction and confirmed that with the exception of San Sebastián del Oeste, in the rest of the municipalities the trend in cases has been on the rise, as in other regions of the state.

Given this, he asked the mayors to continue working hard on this issue to reinforce prevention measures through dissemination campaigns on health measures among the population, such as the use of face masks, and greater supervision so that businesses comply with the established protocols.

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