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While many small publishers have turned to subscription-based publishing to cover costs, PVDN believes that news and information should be free to anyone, regardless of social or economic status. For this reason, the site remains community supported by those who are able to contribute and keep access to news and information free for those who can’t.

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PVDN launched on April 5, 2014, by founder Christopher (Ian) LaGrone. Now, after seven years of operating as a one-man publication, Ian has launched a crowdfunding initiative to grow PVDN, employ more writers, offer better content, and manage the area’s most-read news for Puerto Vallarta. Every donation and subscription to PVDN Supporter helps achieve the goals of growth and better content for you!

PVDN is the most read English news in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Although we are a popular local source for news, the Puerto Vallarta market is small and narrow, so website traffic doesn’t translate into large enough advertising revenue to cover the costs of operation like other websites with similar readership in a larger market. So public support is one of the ways we continue to offer independent local news from Puerto Vallarta.

$25.00 a year (less than .07 cents a day makes a difference!)

Make a one-time donation of any amount you choose.

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