Puerto Vallarta donations reach people in need in Oaxaca

The president of the DIF System, Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos, shared the experience she recently had in Oaxaca, where, accompanied by a Puerto Vallarta delegation, she personally delivered earthquake relief from Puerto Vallarta.

“We were faithful witnesses of the reality that our people of Oaxaca and Chiapas are experiencing, especially Oaxaca, a population that has been seriously damaged by the continuous earthquakes that are happening in that region of our country. More than 60 percent of the population of Juchitan, Ixtepec and Ixtaltepec, lost their homes after being destroyed, in addition to most of their belongings. They are living, those who have, under canvases; those who do not, under trees or somewhere that they have left their houses”

She explained that these families do not have a place to cook, they do it with braceros or fires; they sleep in the open, they clean themselves as they can, in addition to being constantly resisting tremors that damage their homes or end up collapsing.

“It is very shocking to see this scenario, to have lived it; we can not leave it like this,” she emphasized. She said that in Chiapas, one of the main affected populations is Cintalapa, where the help of the Vallarta people has been delivered.

“Thanks to the great heart of the people of Puerto Vallarta, they first sent 5.3 tons of food and basic necessities, and 10 tons more of the second collection, they are already alleviating the situation in those places, supporting all those families who need it so much,” said Candelaria Tovar.

“Something very important and that we could give in our visit is the spiritual food, to listen to them, to embrace them, to make them feel that they are not alone, that Puerto Vallarta being so far away we made ourselves present when arriving with them to give hope, to give them a smile and to make them feel that despite the tragedy there are people thinking of them,” she said.

The delegation that accompanied her during this visit was Gloria Carrillo, president of the Rotary South Club; Sara Cardona director of the Alas de Águila Foundation and César Sánchez, director of the Impulso de Águila association and founding member of the network of civil associations.

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