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Puerto Vallarta Hosts the VI International Agricultural Forum

In the framework of the VI International Agricultural Forum being held in Puerto Vallarta, it was announced that the National Association of Supermarkets (Antad). signed an agreement of good practices with the National Council of Agricultural (CNA) to improve the prices paid to farmers for their produce and meats.

“The agreement was met due to the dissatisfaction of producers forced to sell their products below cost of production to compete in the large supermarket industry,” said the President of the CNA, Benjamín Grayeb Ruiz.

Ruiz, said that 50 percent of agricultural products reach the consumer through stores affiliated with the supermarket association, Antad. With this agreement farmers and producers will no longer be suffocated by supermarket chains using their buying power to force producers to sell well-below cost.

The Secretary General in Puerto Vallarta, Victor Manuel Bernal Vargas, attended the meeting on behalf of the city’s Mayor. He said the meeting is an important opportunity for the municipality to increase the crop and livestock industry in the area.

Puerto Vallarta provides 3 percent of the land used in the state’s agriculture; this is significant because the State of Jalisco is the agriculture leader in Mexico’s agriculture GDP.

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The Secretary said that tourism is an important part of the Puerto Vallarta economy, but there is room to expand other sectors to improve the city and the life of its residents.

Also discussed at the forum were the challenges of a growing population in Mexico meeting a decline in farming due to climate change and more industrial growth and urban sprawl overflowing available farm land.

The event that has become one of the largest in the agricultural sector in Mexico attracting more than 2,000 thought leaders, entrepreneurs the Agri-Food Sector, representing all branches of production and economic regions of the country, public officials, academics, researchers and policymakers. The Agricultural Council of Jalisco sought to continue the effort to disseminate, share and transfer knowledge through the International Agro Forum. This is achieved through presentations and participation by both academics and analysts, along with producers and organizations directly involved in the field.