Puerto Vallarta positivity rate for COVID-19 climbs to 50%

The positivity of cases diagnosed in Puerto Vallarta has increased, to the degree that currently, one out of every two tests is positive for a new SARS-CoV2 coronavirus.

In the last two weeks, the cases of COVID-19 diagnoses have increased 19%, going from an initial 20% to 25% average, to later in June being 36%. Earlier this month, based on this week’s result, positivity reached 50% percent.

“Last week we had 36% of positive cases and this week it is 50% in the PCR tests,” said doctor José Aarón Curiel Beltrán, who is in charge of the laboratory at the Centro Universitario de la Costa.

The doctor stressed that in recent weeks the number of diagnoses derived from people calling the call center have also increased when they present signs and symptoms of the coronavirus.

At the end of July 2, there are a total of 1,143 PCR tests processed and 332 of the so-called rapid tests, to give a total of 1,475 at this location.

Of the 1143 PCR cases, 304 have tested positive, representing 26.6 percent of the total. While of the 332 rapid tests, 44 have tested positive, that is, 13.25 percent.

Dr. Curiel Beltrán highlighted that the last two weeks has also increased the number of tests carried out, as the so-called rapid tests come into practice. Normally with an increase in testing, positivity ratings should decline. More testing and a growing positivity rate is a warning sign of the spread of COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta.

Curiel Beltrán recommended keeping a healthy distance, using disinfectant gel, as well as staying home.

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