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Bob Marley’s son to perform Puerto Vallarta Reggae Festival

Puerto Vallarta will host the first edition of the Reggae Festival, which will bring Ky Mani Marley, son of legendary musician Bob Marley, to Puerto Vallarta on 25 March.

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The musical event will feature an international lineup, including Kassiano, Konfrontation Band, La Yaga, and the Englishman Maurice Profeile Band, among others, according to a press release by organizers.

Kassiano said that this is a historic meeting because it is the first time that Marley will be among the groups participating in the festival, with the talent and charisma of the dynasty that brought the reggae in the ears of the world .

Jorge Nunez, organizer of the festival, said it planned buses from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta for the concert, which also will have a global reach, thanks to the participation of international musicians.

Representatives of Ky Mani Marley reported that the singer is excited to come to Mexico, particularly in Puerto Vallarta, which is sure to be a strong connection between music and the atmosphere of festival goers.

Puerto Vallarta Reggae Festival (March 25)

This Festival will feature performances by international artists and groups at Centro de Espectaculous Flamingos beginning at 12:00 PM.

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Buy tickets online here: https://vallartatickets.com/event/vallarta-reggae-festival-2016/2016-03-25_1200pm/