The Risks of Vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This year the United States updated their travel advisory to Mexico, making it clear that there was no warning to Americans about traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, or Guadalajara. However the State Department missed some risks in their report, which Vallarta Daily has listed below for travelers.


The Sun

We are not sure how the State Department was unaware that Puerto Vallarta is a warm, and yes, sunny environment. The main risk associated with the sun is the dreadful sunburn, but the most obvious is sending white vacationers back to their cold and gloomy climate with a tan, what would people think?


The Water

As part of the sun risk, people tend to cool off in the water as they enjoy the sun. So what is the risk of the water? Very simple, Swimmer’s Ear, millions of people suffer from this each year, it’s a larger epidemic than Ebola, yet so horrible we don’t even speak of such things. Maybe another warning would be the mud that forms on your feet when leaving the water and stepping back into the warm beach sand. People pay hundreds of dollars for this treatment on their face, but the side-effects of feetials (a facial treatment on your feet) have not been fully studied.


Food Guilt

What is food guilt? It’s knowing that you are feasting on some of the best foods while your loving family and friends are back home eating baloney sandwiches. Puerto Vallarta is known world-wide for its international cuisine, and of course regional Mexican foods. Because of its location, Puerto Vallarta also offers some of the best fresh seafood, literally from the ocean to your table. Of course you never forget visiting a local restaurant when they make fresh salsa with the freshest ingredients right at your table!


Heart Problems

For individuals traveling to Puerto Vallarta who may suffer from heart problems, they should be warned that some things in Puerto Vallarta can cause an increase in heart rate. Dangerous activities include Ziplines, Parasailing, Jet Ski Rides, and Banana Boats, just to name a few. Not to worry, there are some things to protect yourself, like a free walking tour of Puerto Vallarta, a culinary experience tour, numerous of art galleries, and the traditional beach-side margarita.


Fear of Flying

Visiting Puerto Vallarta and being pampered by any number of our local hotels and resorts, and receiving daily world-class dining experiences, feeling your toes in the sand, watching whales play in the bay, or swimming with dolphins, you may develop a fear of flying home and leaving Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

What other dangers did we miss? Tell us in the comments section below.

36 Responses
  1. Greg

    You can have PV! The risk is the local nationals are crooks, thieves and the society keeps people in horrid poverty while well tooooooo doooooo tourists use them like slaves and prostitutes and turn their heads to their plight.

    1. Chris

      My momma always told me when I was a child that there will always be one asshole in the bunch, she still hasn’t been proven wrong.

  2. Danny Mininni

    Let us not forget the overwhelming of the senses. Puerto Vallarta is now not only a beach destination but also boast a huge amount of entertainment, becoming the the largest expat entertainment scene in Mexico with The Palm Cabaret, The boutique theater and Act II entertainment the only entertainment complex in Mexico with a 156 seat theater, Piano bar and The Red room Cabaret.

  3. Linda Gibbs

    We arrived in La Peñita at noon today after having completed our 29th driving trip from Saskatchewan. Absolutely not one single problem. Our only problem has been arriving in 32 degree weather with high humidity and having to unpack, here in this paradise, in Nayarit! Loving our next 6 months…oh yes…one other problem about being here….haven’t seen snow in 15 years!!!

  4. DelMar

    Lived here 10 years. Biggest problem was finding enough frozen mango for my margaritas. Planted a tree, no mas problema.

  5. sara

    Now I know where all my wrinkles have come from. Smiling too much at all the friendly people here. I plan to never leave until they take me out in “a box of ashes.”

  6. Hachez, Lyse

    Since 5 years travelled to Puerto Vallarta and for me it is a paradise. I feel safe, the food is good, good, activities, etc. The weather is sunny all the time with a georgus blue sky.

  7. Cooper

    I might just cancel my trip on Oct 31…So SCARED…of nothing :)
    Can’t count on my hand and toes how many times have been to the best place on earth. 4th time this year. :)

  8. Pam Sullivan

    Don’t forget the danger of drinking one too many Margaritas and buying something from every beach vendor you encounter. You wake up the next morning broke, wearing a floral sarong, owning a box of cigars (and you don’t smoke), a straw hat that looks ridiculous, 30 refrigerator magnets, two wood carved sculptures of the same thing, a fire dancer’s phone number, a henna tattoo with “Javier” on it and a blanket. Who needs a blanket???

  9. Lee

    Ha ha. Well played. As I always say, “If you want to know everything about Mexico, just ask someone who has never been.”

  10. phil

    not a thing a thing wrong with the area. I prefer Rincon Da Guayabitos but that is because I prefer smaller villages. Wish i didn’t go back to Canada. “and i love Canada but hate winter”

  11. pamela lamkin de aguirre

    Have lived here for 48 years. Still love it !
    Good people
    Good weather
    Good food
    Good life !

  12. Rejean Plante

    Watch the Mexicans!!!!! They are so nice and friendly and if you try to speak a little Spanish they love you…

  13. Oscar Gallardo

    Thanks everybody for your comments. This is an exceptional place to visit, so to live.
    A very warm and safe place and very friendly and helpful people.

    Cordialy, Oscar Gallardo

  14. Julie

    Just spent two weeks there, thank God I didn’t read this before going. I think there could also be a issue with increased need for anitwrinkle cream from the constant smiling on all the faces you see not to mention the bleaching action on your teeth from all the sun.

  15. Douglas Best

    Its my Home away from Home. and I have no fear there. I travel to surrounding areas in the region and all have been a success in all my Vacations to the Maui of Mexico. Missing my home right now.

  16. Judith A

    Meeting hundreds of friendly, welcoming, helpful locals/Mexicanos! PV is a friendlier place than a lot of big Canadian/American towns.

  17. Donna

    a risk you left out is the one in which you cancel your return flight and your family has to come here to visit you!

  18. Dan Swisher

    Shouldn’t our State Dept. warn incoming foreign visitors of the dangers of New York, Miami, Phoenix, LA, etc? Turnabout is fair play.

  19. Barry

    I keep inviting friends & family to vist us here in PARADISE.. Most are afraid, there is so much FEAR Mongering going on back in the USA. My grandmother would say. Whomever does not come…Does not have to go home! She was a wise lady.

  20. david

    Keep telling the truth about how dangerous it is to live in puerto. Maybe it will look like a Mexican town again.

  21. Judi Margolis

    The biggest risk is falling in love with the calm beautiful climate and meeting the most welcoming people wherever you go! Not wanting to go home is a very serious side effect of this risk!

  22. ronkgman

    Wearing yourself out trying to see and do everything that’s available to you….it is a great feeling..:) But you will have to make several trips to accomplish this..

  23. Mark Karnes

    Ben 22 times as of this Friday (day of the dead) never once has my wife or myself ever felt like we were in any danger. But please keep believing that it’s dangerous so it won’t get too crowded. Just sayin it is a wonderful place to vacation or live in.

    Mark and Shelita

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