Puerto Vallarta will hold earthquake drills September 19

Civil Protection authorities announced that Puerto Vallarta will again be the scene of a Macrosimulacro, under the hypothesis of earthquake with tsunami alert in some areas of the city, this Tuesday, September 19. The city reminds families this is a good time to review their emergency plans as well.

Adrián Bobadilla García, Deputy Director of Fire and Civil Protection in Puerto Vallarta, and Arturo García Pulido, regional commander of the State Civil Protection and Fire Department of Jalisco (UEPCyB), accompanied by Elisa Ramírez Ruelas, president of the Civil Protection Commission, announced that this exercise is carried out as part of the National Day of Civil Protection, decreed in 2001, following the earthquakes of 1985.

Adrián Bobadilla explained that the macrosimulacro will be divided into four evacuation blocks (north hotel zone, Centro, Olas Altas and hotel zone south), and will work in four search and rescue scenarios that will be attended by local emergency institutions, in coordination with the UEPCyB.

One of these scenarios will be in the debris of the recently demolished Hotel Club de Sol, where a shallow surface rescue of victims and transfer of patients will be carried out; another in the North Treatment Plant II of Seapal, with hypothesis of a chlorine gas leak, in which the agency will apply its internal procedures, supported by Civil Protection personnel and municipal and state firefighters, following the protocols of hazardous materials.

Likewise, at the Global Gas facility, a gas leak with fire will be simulated at the storage facility, which will be attacked by the company’s internal brigade, supported by municipal and state Civil Protection. The fourth scenario, will be in an apartment building in colony Los Sauces, with an alleged gas leak, evacuation of people and a rescue.

This exercise will be done in all municipalities of the state under the hypothesis of a 7.6 earthquake, with epicenter on land in the municipality of Tamazula de Gordiano, and in the case of Puerto Vallarta will also be handled a tsunami alert with evacuation in the Center of the city and the Romantic zone of Olas Altas, where in addition people will be asked to move two blocks upwards.

He indicated that the north and south hotel areas, as well as public buildings, will have evacuations in an ordinary way, activating the protocols with their internal brigades, and it will be their own decision to apply the tsunami alert.

Finally, Adrián Bobadilla, invited the population in general, to activate their family emergency plan at 11:00 a.m.  on Tuesday, September 19 during the annual drill. Families should have a previously determined meeting point that does not represent any risk, participate with their children, relatives and neighbors in this exercise, and thus be able to advance in the culture of prevention.

Councilor Elisa Ramírez recalled that this exercise aims to measure the capacity of reaction and the level of effectiveness of various local agencies, optimizing coordination mechanisms and support for evacuation, emergency care, before, during and after the scheduled events, with the purpose of safeguarding the physical integrity of the people, mitigating the effects resulting from the risks that could be generated, but the most important thing is to sensitize the citizens about the culture of prevention and self-protection.

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