RE/MAX Puerto Vallarta now distributes live streaming device

Tired of paying Monthly Fees for channels that you do not want and cannot get the channels that you do want?

Over these past several months, many of our renters, and owners, have been unhappy with the change-over of the second-largest TV/internet provider and the problems they have encountered.

Their continual concern is that they wish to make sure that they can keep in contact with their home-base; through TV and Internet and to make it as easy as picking up the phone.

This new company is already charging additional fees for just a few English language channels, as well as other add-on fees. 360 Pesos per month, per TV. Minimum.

RE/MAX Puerto Vallarta now distributes a device, that allows almost all TV channels in the world (over 100 from the USA, thousands from Europe; over 80 countries in total), that are being streamed live, to be available on your TV, with no monthly fees. You would also have almost all live sporting events, new movies, as well as anything from the past, all TV series (along the lines of Netflix), on-line gaming, on-line chatting, Skype, etc. This device actually turns your TV into your computer.

My feeling is that persons wish all the options available and at a one-time charge.

The important aspect, as this is internet-based, is to have a minimum of 5 Mb of speed, although 10 Mb is much better. In my office, we only have 5 and it works fine. With 10, it is like watching TV, Period.

I also offer a complete manual of how to truly enjoy this experience, as well as instructions on how to even make it better for you.

If you are interested in our device, that is completely portable, please contact us to offer a demonstration of the capabilities.

The purchase price is 1,800 Pesos, with volume discounts for purchases of 10, 20 and more units. Information is available upon request.

If you are unsatisfied after 7 days, I will refund your entire amount paid. No one has asked for a refund.

We are now in a very connected world and RE/MAX Puerto Vallarta wishes that our clients have that whenever and wherever they wish.
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office (322) 221 0111
toll-free 1 888 796 6606

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