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Romania Wants to Duplicate Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos Program

The Romanian Embassy in Guadalajara has asked the Tourism Ministry of Jalisco for information and guidance on establishing a Pueblos Mágicos program in the European country.

Over the past 14 years, Mexico has honored 83 towns nationwide with the Pueblos Mágicos designation. The program brings financial assistance to locations for restoration of the city, forms local committees to oversee the destinations obligations as a Pueblos Mágicos, and receives funding for tourism marketing nationally and internationally.

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Romania is home to dozens of historic monasteries, vineyards, and Danube River, areas of interest that the Romanian Ambassador believes can benefit with the Pueblos Mágicos model established in Mexico.

The Tourism Minister of Jalisco noted that Romania has 3 million residents and Mexico welcomes about 3,000 visitors each year from the European country.

Next year the Tourism Board of Mexico is expected to welcome several more cities into the national program. Among those who have applied in the Costalegre area is Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita.