Roomie Bot is the first Spanish speaking robot for home usage

A group of Mexican entrepreneurs created Roomie Bot, a robot for home use, that in addition to identifying the faces of the people with whom he lives, it also uses artificial intelligence to control the electrical devices of the house.

Although home control robots are already a global trend, Roomie Bot is the first for the Latin market since its base language is Spanish, said the engineer in Computer Science and Systems, Aldo Luévano Ibarra.

He detailed that this robot has the ability to control intelligent devices like locks, blinds, doors, windows and even television. “One of the challenges we proposed was not only to be a virtual assistant, but to see a physical entity, which technically complements the functionality that can be granted by a virtual assistant.”

In an interview with the news agency Conacyt, the engineer commented that a camera allows Roomie Bot to recognize people who are programmed in its system, and in case of detecting someone unidentified, it issues an alert.

Luévano Ibarra, emphasized that the device, which can be seen as the new “robot” of the series The Supersonics, has an autonomous patrol to move and identify obstacles, he can also be controlled remotely by Internet.

For the creation of Roomie Bot, the startup Roomie IT Services main bet, it was necessary to develop a team with experts in humanoid robots and specialists in hardware development.

According to the creators, Roomie Bot is an example of the Internet of Things, which allows the control of various intelligent devices under different communication protocols and which will seek to serve the Latin market.

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