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San Pancho’s Sinegiarte Festival of Art and Culture

The Colectivo San Pancho extends an open invitation to its 9th annual Sinegiarte Festival. Titled “Por todas mis relaciones” (To All My Relations), the event celebrates the fusion of art and culture in San Francisco, also known as San Pancho and named the Cultural Capital of the Riviera Nayarit.

For the past nine years the main objective of the festival has been to share the work of the local arts community, providing visibility and exposure while giving the community at large a look at art and trends from other regions, all of which serves to enrich the area and encourages exploration and growth within the sector.

Artists engaging in different disciplines will come together from December 20th to 28th to exhibit and share their talent. Several multidisciplinary activities will take place simultaneously, including workshops, conferences, debates, projections and shows.

According to the Colectivo San Pancho: “We live in an era of great change and a it’s a multifaceted reflection on how and to whom we relate; this event will suggest new tools for the development of healthier, sustainable and, of course, more creative relationships.”

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The Colectivo San Pancho alone has hosted over 70 concerts, 40 performance and dance presentations, 25 circus performances, 10 theater performances, 12 projection cycles, 25 individual exhibitions and 15 collective multidisciplinary exhibits during festivals, expos and collaborations.

The Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) recognizes the Colectivo San Pancho as one of the main catalysts for the region’s cultural tourism, congratulates the entity for its excellent work and supports the coverage of this destination’s now iconic event.

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