State of Jalisco No Longer on ‘Code Red’

Sunday night the government of Jalisco announced that ‘Code Red’ has been disabled across the state, including Puerto Vallarta.

The government issued this statement:

“A few moments ago the Attorney General’s office of the State of Jalisco deactivated ‘Code Red’ that had been in effect since May 1, 2015 after violent attacks in the state.

The deactivation of ‘Code Red’ will not limit the coordination between local, state, and federal authorities to maintain safety, which remains permanent.

The security threat in the state has passed and we have moved into a preventative state.

The Attorney General’s office reaffirms its commitment to timely reporting of any situation that poses a risk to public safety.”

Puerto Vallarta, along with the state of Jalisco have been under Code Red since cartel violence erupted on May 1, 2015 in 25 municipalities in the state.

20 Responses
  1. Judy

    This may have been best Debbie White most likely just making sure your security is been Protected .. I call This Good Policing …

  2. How safe is it to be in one of the casinos there? My mom and I went a few times last week while we were there including Friday May 1st. While we were in the casino they suddenly shut down and told everyone to leave for their safety.

    1. Personally I am not a casino person, but the US State Department has warned Americans for a long time not to be in Mexican Casinos, they seem to suggest that Casinos have been a target for kidnapping of foreigners.

      1. Judy

        I would Check with the Local,Police they Are There Also To a Protect all The Staff That Work The Casinos … Good Call If you are warned to Leave By a Police !!

  3. It’s really a shame they are worrying about problems at all since Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful place. once you go there your heart will always stay.

    1. It really is a catch-22 at this point. Cartel violence used to be about control of territory and fighting with other cartels, but that is no longer the case. Cartels have mostly established their territory and now the violence is against the government in retaliation for crackdowns. The only way to prevent violence is to let the cartels run their business. Over the last decade the billions of dollars Mexico has spent on fighting cartels could have been used to create good paying jobs, increase the wages of the police making crap for salary and easily bought by cartels, and educating people. That would damage the drug business more than an actual costly war, and it would improve the economy at the same time. Now there is a costly war that is killing the economy while the Mexicans are struggling to live with a decent wage. If you take care of your people they will make sure organized crime does not ruin their lives, it is when you are not taking care of your people that they lose faith and cause a vacuum in society, a vacuum the cartels have exploited.

        1. The same all governments issue warnings, through the media. It is decided by the state attorney and governor, then released through press releases to media outlets and a formal announcement via press conference and memos distributed to all state mayors and police chiefs. This is the same method for discontinuing warnings as well.

    1. We don’t. As of May 2 at 1 PM the Consulate removed the ‘Shelter’ order on all their employees in Jalisco. A shelter order is telling all American State Department personnel in a specified area to stay home and close offices.

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