Sunsets and Great Food at Boca de Tomates – Puerto Vallarta

For me, this makes a perfect combination! Eating out is very affordable and much more common here than in Germany. Many locals even dine out daily, be it at restaurants, bistros, bars, or one of the numerous taco carts in the streets. The range of possibilities is extensive, yet tourists often choose only the most popular destinations or stay at the beach that is closest to their accommodations. But how boring is that?

Yesterday I visited a lovely place called “Boca de Tomates”. It is situated about 10 km northeast of Puerto Vallarta and impresses with its tranquility and traditional charm. For me, getting there was more a safari than a normal trip, and I just loved it—driving in a jeep on a sandy, bumpy road surrounded by swamps and with almost no one around made me feel quite adventurous, though my Mexican companions just laughed at me for saying so. During the ride we stopped once, so I got the opportunity to take some photos of the swamp, where I saw some crocodiles snoozing in the sun. We came to the conclusion that these creatures have a really hard life trying to decide whether they should be dangerous or lazy each day. That particular day, however, they obviously decided on the latter.

The sandy path ended at a spacious parking area in front of the “El Pirrus” open air restaurant. Here you can taste the rich selection of seasonal fish and seafood. Everything is prepared fresh; you can choose the frozen fish on site and decide how you want it prepared. I decided to share with my friends two giant Red Snappers, which were marinated and grilled before our very eyes. This traditional way of preparation is called “Pescado Zarandeado” and very common in this area. You can put the meat in tortillas, together with vegetables, rice, lime juice and salsa, roll it up, and you have a delicious seafood taco. I also grabbed at the chance to try the homemade sodas that are sold in almost every restaurant here, “limonada” and “naranjada”. They are similar to Sprite and Fanta, but are homemade with fresh fruit and are therefore very refreshing and tasty.

Did I mention that the restaurant lies directly on the beach? You can gaze at the sea and the mountains while enjoying your food. You can watch the sun slowly setting, painting the sky red, yellow and purple. In fact, it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in my whole life! In just a small attempt to convey the beauty to you, I gladly share a photo I took that day. Watching the sunset is not the only entertainment, either. Musicians offer their services for a few pesos per song. And I was amazed at their talent! I heard songs from different traditionally Mexican music styles: Banda, Mariachi and Norteña, and I liked it a lot. Slowly but surely I am getting to know the Mexican culture, and I am looking forward to discovering as much as I can!

About the Author

Marén Römisch is from Germany and studies International Business and Languages in The Netherlands. She is currently doing an exchange internship in Puerto Vallarta and writes about her insights into Mexican culture from her European point of view.

The opinions expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and are independent from the views of Vallarta Daily.

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