Taxi Fare Increase of 25% Approved in Puerto Vallarta

A new rate increase on taxi fares has gone into effect. The minimum fare for the shortest distance was $40 pesos, that trip will now cost you $50 pesos.

Rafael Yerena Zambrano, secretary of Federation of Workers in Jalisco, said that the minimum wage in Mexico has risen by 4.2% so operational costs have also increased for the taxi companies paying their office and transportation employees.

The rate does not include those with agreements working from hotels whose rates have not increases in several years, notes Zambrano.

Two weeks ago the government warned taxis about hiking their rates during the holidays and encouraged passengers who experienced higher rates to file a complaint with the Department of Mobility.

Taxis are required to carry government issued rate cards and have them available for review by passengers who request the information, however taxis are not required to post the cards in a visible location.

23 Responses
  1. Karen Erp

    really so much complaining. 50 pesos is like $4.00. Where else can you get a taxi for this price? Taxi with a meter….automatic $2.00+ just to get in. I agree the condition of most taxis is poor..hello this is a poor counrty.

  2. Unbelivable!!! Can´`t believe this!! And so, when and the àuthorities` gonna make this cab drivers have their automobiles on proper conditions to be working???? They are always half working, dirty without A/C etc., and they charge like if they were a luxury cabs!! A joke!!!, I will keep using the dirty & noisy busses instead, at least they have a set fare.

    1. Al Cantwell

      That’s part of the problem … often, you sense you’re being ripped off, but how bad are you being ripped off? There is no transparency in the taxi system here. Go to GDL, go to AGS, go to Morelia … go to almost ANY place in Mexico … and they have meters so you know what the fare is. Here the taxistas just throw out a price and see if you take it. The fares they quote are usually too high (unless you’re a tourist and aren’t familiar with the rates), so I almost always take the bus instead.

  3. So… taxi drivers shouldn’t raise their fares… because you wanna be cheap on your vacation? Have you seen where some of these drivers live? Do you know what their cost of living IS? Do you know how much they will have to spend to educate their children enough for them to have a chance a decent Life in Mexico? Make sure that you have a valid reason for opposing it before you open your trap. ….and please. .. spare me the ” I live in mexico” song… I live in Mexico too…. and I am aware and I think they deserve it.

    1. Is your comment for real? I don’t see anywhere in this story where they say taxi drivers don’t deserve a raise. It’s a very short story saying taki drivers received a raise and that is about all. You must be reading a different story. But now that the cat is out of the bag. We know for a fact that taxi drivers overcharge tourists and anyone foreign. We know that one taxi will charge one rate and another will charge something different for the same route so they are not following the price guidelines they agree to as licensed drivers meaning they are breaking their work contract anyway. We know for a fact that they lied to tourists and told them there was a seasonal rate. We also know instead of working and making money they prefer to worry about where the tour buses are working and they spend hours causing road blocks when they could be making money for the children’s education that you are so worried about. I would be more concerned about what kind of role models these kind of people are making for their children before I worry about the education quality. We learn what kind of people to be from our parents. And you act like this is actually going to bring more money to the taxi driver and that isn’t how this really works. It brings more money to the unions and the driver will still need to lie and cheat his passengers to pay his bills. Only the unions get rich in this deal.

  4. Mike Daniol

    No different than any other business in PV there pricing them selfs out of the market. Look at the cost of a drink in the bars there its ridiculous considering the labour cost and the cost of alcohol in Mexico.
    It will soon be a place that is not desirable to go for tourist. So keep overcharging tourist Pv your lost in the long run. Its just hurting the tourist industry in Pv :(

    1. Optionsf

      Its terribly sad that you have to pay more to get drunk now than before. Are you aware that the Mexican government raised taxes on drinks by effectively 10% last year? Or that electricity here goes up double digits a year? That the peso has declined about 15% over last year to pay for your vodka or whiskey? MProbably the prices in your currency are less than last year. Or that you can’t buy a drink in most US cities ina nice bar for under $7 (about $100 pesos!!!) Oh no forget about it, that cocktail isn’t a luxury it’s your necessity I forgot.

      Shees. Go home.

      1. Mike Daniol

        “What ever” Your probably a bar owner that is under paying your workers and over charging your customers. Its just a example at how Pv is starting to over charge for many thing manly tourist. You can disagree but you watch and see its all going to come back and hurt Pv tourism. You fail to realize there are many other parts of Mexico that are a lot cleaner with nicer water and way better beaches that are now cheeper than Pv.
        And I would say WAY SAFER. Hell in Pv the bars even put signs up that the taxies might rob you as your leaving the bar lol How pathetic is that. Now you think its cool they can over charge you as well. Remember Mexico is not the only place on earth there is may other places tourist can go. And safer where Police don’t rob you if your walking back to your hotel. Anyone that thinks its OK to charge 25% more for a taxi is crazy. It disgusting. Pass one week there is NO HIGH season overcharging then 2 weeks later give taxi company a green light to charge 25% more lol what a joke. Read the paper my friend Mexico is NOT the only place on earth the dollar is dropping. Over charging is NOT NEW. This has happened in manny tourist destinations and trust me when you loose tourist its NOT that easy to get them back.

  5. They should give out an official pricelist at the airport or at restaurants. Really leaves a bad taste in the mouth of tourists when they are overcharged and makes Mexico look bad, although unfair it’s the reality. Or… insist on meters which would also.promote taxis PAYING TAX and being able to offer a receipt or factura since it’s now the law that even the lady selling tortillas has to give a factura but the taxi? Just saying…

  6. They find the best ways to steal from tourists. Good job taxi driver drivers on being douche bags. Use the buses to all tourists when your down hear save yourself $20-25 if not more.

    1. This report is based on official costs, not what you are actually charged. Many people are charged one price to leave their house to a destination, then going home they are charged something different from another driver. We can only go with the official cost, there are actually 1000 different prices :)

        1. Al Cantwell

          So they *say* … and it’s not just taxistas. I would have bought 13 pesos’ worth of vegetables from a produce store the other day, but the clerk said he didn’t have change for a 20-peso note! I told him I would purchase my veggies somewhere else, where they did have change, and so I did. C’mon, you’re running a business — have change on hand!!

          1. Justin Loman

            As many business owners in Mexico know, that isn’t really a problem with bad business management, it’s the banks that won’t give change to their commercial clients. Business owners go to their bank to get change for their cash register and the banks tell them they don’t have enough change to give to their commercial banking clients. Try to remember these people who are trying to make a living selling 13 pesos worth of product are victims of their own country’s poor practices, not the cause.

          2. Al Cantwell

            That’s not the reason or the excuse. Small businesses such as produce stands aren’t any bank’s idea of “big, important commercial accounts,” so of course they’re not going to be treated as VIPs. Therefore, do what kids who’ve had lemonade stands have done forever: Roll over your bank from the day before! It truly is not that hard to come up with change.

          3. Justin Loman

            hahaha obviously you have never owned a business in Mexico that deals with the need to make change daily. No, it’s not just the produce people, large restaurants and bars have the same problem with getting change from their banks. Because they are larger establishments their day receipts are not turned over each day to pay for the next day of operations like small produce markets that truly survive day to day. Comparing a kids lemonade stand where the kid’s biggest obligation was to buy candy at the 7-11 with their profit isn’t hardly a real business solution. Besides, the parents fund the lemonade stands and most foreigners can find change in their couch cushions to give you a nickle back, but in Mexico where minimum wage is $4 a day there is no change left in the cushions, every peso must be accounted for to survive in Mexico and that is certainly true for small vendors. For YOUR life it might not be hard to come up with change. If it’s so easy to come up with change then you would have had it yourself.

          4. Al Cantwell

            Not if you’ve just come from the ATM, Justin LOL. To my knowledge, no ATMs dispense coins. You”re lucky to get any bill smaller than a 50 note. Carry on if you wish, but this topic is closed as far as I’m concerned.

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