Two men arrested for suspicion of breeding dogs for taco meat in Mexico City

On April 19, some residents of the Mariano Escobedo neighborhood in Tultitlán, State of Mexico came together and decided to block López Portillo road in order to draw the attention of the authorities.

This after almost 10 years of suspicions that a property in the area was used to raise puppies which were allegedly used for tacos at a stand in Mexico City.

They arrest 2 subjects who for 10 years raised puppies and sold them in tacos. This discovery was made from a complaint by the neighbors after the heat of the last few days caused a fetid odor emanating from a home on Sostenes Rocha street.

According to the inhabitants of the area, for 10 years they began to see two men, with boots and a butcher’s apron who would come and go from the house, which, according to the statements recovered by El Universal, also served as a breeding ground for puppies. The neighbors claimed the men own a taco stand in Mexico City.

The residents began to suspect the place when they realized the number of dogs that were in the home as well as the large number of dogs reported missing in the area.

The inhabitants of the area said the authorities ignored their calls for a long time to begin investigating the case.

First, they were sent to the Tlalnepantla Prosecutor’s Office, later, to the federal prosecutor’s office, from there to Civil Protection, an institution from which they did not receive a response either.

For this reason, a group of organized people from the town decided to close López Portillo road on April 19, to attract attention. That was how they managed to get the Regional Prosecutor’s Office to go to number 3 Sostenes Rocha Street. In the home, divided into two patios with three rooms each, there was garbage, clothing, furniture, sacks, drums, and sheets of asbestos.

According to El Universal, elements of the prosecution found dog bones, bottles of muriatic acid, as well as the poor conditions in which the dogs were found.

After realizing the unsanitary conditions in which the dogs were kept and the findings they made, such as finding the bones of dogs and bottles of muriatic acid, the agents arrested two men, identified as Julio César “N” and Jorge “N”.

There were about 40 dogs in the house when authorities arrived.

So far it is known that the detainees were transferred to the Cuautitlán Izcalli Prosecutor’s Office, where they face the crimes of trespassing, animal abuse, and health violations.

On July 30, 2021, the Mexican Congress approved the increase in penalties against animal abuse by passing it from four to nine years in prison for those found responsible for the crime.

With these reforms, the Law may punish with up to six years in prison whoever causes non-immediate death and prolongs the agony of any animal not classified as a plague. However, if the act is committed by a public servant in charge of animals, the penalty is increased to nine years.

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