solar eclipse

Using certified goggles to observe eclipse, UNAM scientists suggest

For the partial solar eclipse that can be observed next August 21 in Mexico, UNAM scientists recommended not to look at it with the naked eye, not to use dark glasses, no matter how dark they are, nor to use X-rays, only those goggles certified with the norm ISO, as any other can damage the retina.

Also it can be seen with a glass of welder number 14, which is obtained in any hardware store and costs 20 pesos; and with a telescope that has a suitable filter.

A simple and safe way to observe the moment and the progress of the eclipse is to make a projection with a telescope or binoculars and if the astronomical phenomenon takes one by surprise, you can use two cards, two sheets, “make a little hole, projecting in the other and there you can see the partial eclipse, “said Gloria Delgado Inglada, from the Institute of Astronomy of the UNAM.

In a press conference, she mentioned that the only sure moment in which the eclipse could be directly seen is just when the moon completely covers the solar disk, “not before or after”, a situation that will not occur in the case of Mexico.

She emphasized that with proper care, observing the eclipse is an opportunity to do live science with children, who will be future scientists, there is no reason to prevent them from participating in this spectacular event.

The scientist explained that this phenomenon on August 21, called the great American eclipse, has s feature in particular that will cross United States from side to side the, which has not happened for a long time.

She also reported that in Mexico, total eclipses of the sun could be seen in 2024, 2052, 2071 and 2078 and annular in 2023 and 2056. The 2024 will be total in some regions of the country and will last more than four minutes.

Alejandro Lara Sánchez, from the Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM, for its acronym in Spanish), said that the eclipse could be observed live from the NASA website and also at the Institute of Astronomy.

On Monday August 21, the maximum house of studies will hold at the Universum and the Institute of Astronomy events and projections, which can be attended by the general public.


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