March 19, 2021

A 5.9 earthquake sends tremors through Mexico City, Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Morelia

An earthquake of 5.7 (preliminary reports 5.9) degrees was registered this Friday night in Mexico City and other parts of the country. According to information...
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Canadian man dies in Puerto Vallarta after falling from third floor

An unfortunate tragedy occurred this Friday morning in the Díaz Ordaz neighborhood after a Canadian died from falling from the third floor. According to authorities,...
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‘They finished them off’: Mexican town rocked by bloody ambush that killed 13 cops

Bullet casings still littered the ground on Friday in Coatepec Harinas, a troubled municipality southwest of Mexico City, a day after 13 police officers on...
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Meet the 69-year-old woman known as the ‘Serial Stowaway’; she traveled around the world by sneaking onto planes

Judging by her appearance, Marilyn Hartman is a good-natured lady and incapable of doing anything wrong. However, the 69-year-old woman was nothing but trouble in...
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Which Latin American countries are the happiest in times of COVID-19?

The coronavirus did little to alter the ranking of the world's happiest countries, a UN-sponsored annual report said on Friday. Researchers for the World Happiness...
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Rio de Janeiro closes beaches as pandemic worsens

Rio de Janeiro closes beaches as COVID-19 pandemic worsens

The beaches of Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro will be closed this weekend, according to a municipal decree enacted on Friday, as the local government...
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