November 13, 2022

“Hellhound” is the new COVID 2022 variant

Experts predict that the omicron-linked variant known as "Hellhound" will expand in late November and early December. According to first investigations, it is reported that...
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Citibanamex refuses power of attorney letter and demands woman arrive on stretcher with paramedics to receive her new bank card

Using banks in Mexico can be a nightmare, but in the case of Doña Dolores Gómez, a bedridden woman of 89 years of age, banking...
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Obituary: Héctor García Lugo

The journalist from Sonora, Héctor García Lugo, died this Saturday at the age of 67, which closes a chapter in Vallarta journalism in the police...
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Papal foundation will analyze sexual exploitation of children in Puerto Vallarta

The Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, founded by Pope Francis, will carry out, together with the Government of Jalisco, a diagnosis of children and adolescents from Puerto...
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