March 21, 2024

JetBlue Airways Announces Route Reductions Including Puerto Vallarta in Latest Cost-Cutting Measures

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - JetBlue Airways has informed its employees about the discontinuation of several flight routes as part of the airline's ongoing efforts to...
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Jalisco Beverages Lead the Global Cocktail Scene According to Taste Atlas

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - As the temperatures begin to rise, individuals worldwide are reaching for a drink to cool down. However, this time, the spotlight...
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International Delegation Visits Puerto Vallarta Maritime Terminal

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - In a demonstration of global cooperation, the Puerto Vallarta maritime terminal recently welcomed military, naval, and air attachés from 14 different...
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INEGI Survey Reveals How Much Money it Takes to Bribe a Public Official in Mexico

In a startling revelation from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the average bribe paid by Mexican citizens to public authorities has been...
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Puerto Vallarta Welcomes 30 New Police Officers to Strengthen City Safety

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico—To enhance the safety and security of both residents and tourists in Puerto Vallarta, thirty new police officers have been officially integrated into...
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March Entertainment Continues to Thrill at Act2PV in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Act2PV, a premier entertainment destination in Puerto Vallarta, is continuing its tradition of providing top-notch performances and shows, living up to...
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