32 Banderas Bay Public Safety and Transit police receive their high school diplomas

In order to have better-prepared police officers and provide greater development opportunities, the Municipal Government of Bahía de Banderas fulfilled the commitment that all elements of Public Safety and Traffic have a high school education.

Humberto Ceja, Coordinator of the Academy of Public Safety and Traffic, explained: “These police, more than a year ago, enrolled in high school and with the support of the Mayor, they sought to obtain their high school diploma, they are elements that were already active and for different reasons never received a high school education, but now we can send their certificates to the National Secretariat and say that in Banderas Bay we already have all the elements with the preparatory education that is the minimum required ”.

He added that this initiative promoted by the Mayor, started from the need to provide a better service to the population: “At the beginning of this administration, we had elements that only had the primary education, now we managed to advance, first to secondary and now in high school,” said the official.

The Coordinator of the Academy of Public Security, stressed the interest of Mayor Dr. Jaime Cuevas, in the development of opportunities for the elements of Public Security and Traffic, because in addition to covering basic requirements to remain in the institution, it means giving them an opportunity to grow and develop personally and in the near future, they can continue with university studies, always with the support of the Municipal Government.

“Never before has this support been seen for Public Security elements as it is being given now. It is independent of the mandatory requirements, in most municipalities, the importance of the element’s education isn’t considered. We set it as a goal to provide that support, thanks to the officers, and the Mayor for their support and concern, this translates into benefits to the population,” the official concluded.

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