356 pets in Puerto Vallarta receive free sterilization

With the sterilization of 356 pets, the 4th Free Mass Sterilization Campaign was successfully carried out this week, organized by the Puerto Vallarta government and the Calle Cero Foundation, demonstrating that the city is increasingly aware of the responsible pet ownership.

Silvia Álvarez Bustos, head of Animal Welfare, explained that although this time the goal of was to sterilize 400 pets, during the two days of the campaign reached 356 because in recent days there were various sterilization campaigns in other points of the municipality, all of them with “a copious participation of the citizenship and that means a success for us because there is more and more awareness of the importance of sterilizing our dogs and our cats”.

He explained that for this work he had the support of the Animal Society Association, which during the course of the campaign offered talks and functions, in addition to the valuable participation of volunteers from different organizations and groups, “who put their hands and their hearts to this campaign, we named them the ‘Black Machine’ because they are always in black and they are always helping, so it is a very good team”. The sponsorship of Dulce Vista and Starbucks was also counted on this occasion.

“Here people are very participatory and take advantage, even veterinarians themselves promote these campaigns knowing that it is a solution to the issue of street animals; these 356 animals that were sterilized, will stop procreating thousands of dogs and cats that would not have had a home because there are no homes for everyone,” he said.

He thanked those who responded to this campaign and asked the citizens to be attentive to the different days of sterilization that will be held in 2020, through the social networks of the Center for Control and Animal Health.

He recalled that among the benefits of sterilization, it helps them improve their character so it is recommended to do it early, before the first heat of females and before 5 months of age for males, this also avoids problems of tumors that cause cancer or venereal tumors that can be transmissible and should also be treated with chemotherapies.

“If we don’t like to see animals, dogs and cats in the street, let’s sterilize, because we love them and if we don’t want to see them in the street, let’s also support them. There are people who tell us that they have seen strays in their neighborhood, please support us when there are these campaigns and take the strays, they are released again later, but you know that it is contributing to these animals not adding to the homeless animal population in the area, ”he finished.

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